Snowboard Beginner

How To : Snowboard for beginners

Learn how to snowboard in this free snowboarding video from an expert snowboarder. Part 1 of 13 - How to Snowboard for beginners. Snowboard for beginners - Part 2 of 13. Click through to watch this video on Snowboard for beginners - Part 3 of 13. Click throug ...more

How To : Pop an ollie on a snowboard for beginners

Sierra Snowboard demonstrates how to pop an ollie on a snowboard. An ollie is a basic but mandatory trick when riding a snowboard. When popping up on a snowboard do not jump off of your toes. If you jump off of your toes it is not considered an ollie. Make sure that you also d ...more

How To : Hit a hip jump

Hips are sweet for all levels, from beginners to pro-caliber shreds. A hip is usually the mellowest feature in a snowboard park because there's no knuckle you need to clear. You can go as slow as you want to and just creep off the takeoff or "send it" to the end once you gain ...more

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