Snowmobile on Water

How To : Install a water temperature gauge to a snowmobile

This video shows you how easy it is to install the J&T water temperature gauge on your snowmobile. This is a "Must Have" for any snowmobile rider in order to keep an eye on your water temperature so you don't melt a piston. List of parts and tools needed: -4 electrical eyele ...more

News : The Invisible Treehouse

Nearly every kid wants a treehouse (as well as many grown-ups). Personally, it's one of my greatest unfulfilled desires. Let's take the fantasy even further. How about an invisible treehouse? Treehotel is a beautiful series of structures set against the backdrop of Harads, S ...more

News : Rescue a submerged snowmobile

Snowmobilers make a lot of noise and annoy a lot of people (like me). So it is with some glee that I recommend this video on how to rescue a submerged snowmobile. That said, there is a leisurely beauty to this 8 minute and 37 second piece. It takes the appropriate time to tell ...more

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