News : Brooklynites Build Skull-Shaped Igloo Fortress

What better place to brave the Snowpocalypse than in a snowy simulacrum of a human skull? For those of you old enough to remember He-Man, yes, that's Castle Grayskull. And, oddly enough, the artist, Kilroy III, has actually done this before—nearly 20 years ago: The video tou ...more

HowTo : Snow-Proof Your Bike Tires For Dirt Cheap

For the low cost of a bag of zip ties, you can easily survive any Snowpocalypses this winter by blizzard-proofing your bicycle tires. Says the MacGyver behind the ingenious hack, Fritz Rice of the Dutch Bike Co.: "It's quick, it's cheap, and yes, it looks completely ludicrous ...more

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