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News : Human-Scale Soccer Video Game

Replace that flimsy, plastic Guitar Hero axe with a soccer ball. These DIY freestyle-footballers play their full-sized, wall-mounted "Football Hero" with skill, achieving a 76 percent accuracy rating after only 17 games. They kick soccer balls at the control pads (pressure s ...more

How To : Do soccer drills to maintain possesion of the ball

This is a helpful soccer video because it gives you tactics from both sides of play. Taken from a training routine from the Spanish Football Federation, the video improves your team's ability to retain possession of the ball while also breaking down offense moves in terms of w ...more

How To : Practice soccer shooting skills and techniques

Learn soccer shooting skills with expert tips and advice on soccer skill and techniques in this free online soccer video series. Part 1 of 6 - How to Practice soccer shooting skills and techniques. Practice soccer shooting skills and techniques - Part 2 of 6. Click through to ...more

How To : Practice soccer juggling skills & techniques

Learn soccer juggling skills with expert tips and advice on soccer skill and techniques in this free online soccer video series. Part 1 of 5 - How to Practice soccer juggling skills & techniques. Practice soccer juggling skills & techniques - Part 2 of 5. Click through to watc ...more

How To : Use a wall to practice soccer

Learn how to use a wall to practice soccer alone with expert tips and advice on soccer skill and techniques in this free online soccer video series. Part 1 of 4 - How to Use a wall to practice soccer. Use a wall to practice soccer - Part 2 of 4. Click through to watch this vid ...more

How To : Learn the skill moves for EA Fifa 08 on XBOX 360

Here's a video tutorial of EA Fifa 08. (Xbox 360) This tutorial shows you how to do tricks in Fifa 08. This overlay of controller with slow mo moves help you learn the basic skills of FIFA 09. Learn how to do the step over, fake shot and inside drag. This is the best soccer v ...more

How To : Practice soccer dribbling skills and techniques

Learn soccer dribbling skills and techniques with expert tips and advice on soccer skill and techniques in this free online soccer video series. Part 1 of 8 - How to Practice soccer dribbling skills and techniques. Practice soccer dribbling skills and techniques - Part 2 of 8. ...more

How To : Learn FIFA 09 advanced skills on PS3

This is an advanced tricks tutorial on juggling for Fifa09 for Playstation 3. The step by step covers the following tricks and techniques for the FIFA 09 soccer video game: 0:10-0:20 Kick Ups Works only when standing 0:20-0:39 Around The World Also only when standing still, ...more

How To : Develop youth soccer drills and skills

Tim Boucher is head soccer coach at LaSalle Academy in South Bend, Indiana and in this youth soccer video series, learn some fundamental soccer skills and moves. Our coach will lead you through some of the basic soccer drills you need to practice to get good at the game. Learn ...more

How To : Perform soccer drills to improve offense & defense

Even expert players who score impressive football victories in the UEFA championship games need to practice and train properly. Get a peek into the Spanish Football Federation's training tactics via this video on soccer drills that improve a soccer team's offense and defense. ...more

How To : Ignite a soccer ball in particleIllusion & AE

Creative Cow Leader Jeff Bellune demonstrates how to use the tools available in particleIllusion and After Effects to get a particle emitter source to track an element in a video clip. Part One details how to animate the Layer Offset in particleIllusion to eliminate motion in ...more

How To : Do a Running Volley soccer drill with Nike Bootcamp

You run. You volley. It sounds like the most natural thing in the world. But perfecting your finishing on the move calls for hours of training before you’re skilled enough to send the ball crashing into the top corner instead of row Z. Outfield players, sit up and take note. K ...more

How To : Dribble with the outside of the foot during soccer

This video will teach you to be fluid in your movement around the soccer ball, as well as use the outside of you foot effectively when playing soccer. If you want to improve your footwork, watch this video. Dribble with the outside of the foot during soccer. Click through to w ...more

How To : Do the Rebound soccer drill with Nike Bootcamp

Bounce back to full fitness in time for the new season with "Rebound", the latest Bootcamp drill of the week. This one's all about control. Twist and turn with the ball glued to your toe, then knock an inch-perfect pass and accelerate as you receive it back. Constant movement ...more

How To : Do the Nike soccer drill Shoot with Andrés Iniesta

A soccer ball. A 60 metre course. Nets at either end. And an instinctive hunger for goals. That’s all you’ll need for ‘Shoot’ – the latest Nike Bootcamp Drill of the Week. Watch a maestro at work, as Barcelona’s Andrés Iniesta shows how to shake off those tired legs and fire y ...more

How To : Do a High Gears soccer drill with Nike Bootcamp

Who would you back in a race between a scooter and a sports car? And which would you rather be driving? Changing speed is at the heart of top-level soccer performance, so every player needs a smooth-changing gearbox to win the races that matter over ninety minutes. Nike Bootca ...more

How To : Practice Soccer Drills for Young Players

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and especially popular among young people in the United States. This video features a university soccer coach explaining several important drills for developing young soccer players, including two-touch passing and doing over-unde ...more

How To : Do the Dual Goals soccer drill with Nike Bootcamp

Running and scoring. Two things you can never get enough of. It’s a simple formula: grab one ball, two goals and four cones. Add a combination of electric pace and razor sharp finishing. What do you get? Dual Goals: this week’s featured Nike Bootcamp drill. Brush up on your so ...more

How To : Do free kicks with soccer star Shunsuke Nakamura

Free kicks are common in soccer for restarting a play in a soccer game, and in this video free kick expert Shunsuke Nakamura shares his step-by-step method for taking a perfect football free kick. Shunsuke recommends moving your hips to angle the ball correctly and also to ke ...more

How To : Teach kids how to dribble a soccer ball

This is a video demonstrating how to dribble a soccer ball for children. The presenter says that this is the most important skill for a young soccer player to learn. He says that dribbling the ball is not kicking the ball and chasing it but rather a series of small touches. He ...more

How To : Spin a soccer ball on the end of your finger

Touching a soccer ball with your hands for a trick is somewhat sacrilegious, but ever since basketball players started spinning the roundball around on their fingers, soccer players have felt the need to answer. This video will teach you how to spin a soccer ball on the end of ...more

How To : Kick a soccer ball & do a drive pass

In this video from Livestrong we learn how to kick a soccer ball and do a drive pass. Adrian Heath, the head coach of the Austin Aztex, teaches this. It is demonstrated by members of his team in this video. To do a drive pass you want your left foot by the side of the ball, la ...more

How To : Perform new updated skills in FIFA 10

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to perform different soccer skills in the game FIFA 10, part of Electronic Arts' series of football games. The video shows a variety of different skills to perform followed by a controller that reveals the button sequence. The skills i ...more

How To : Model a soccer ball in modo 301

Learn how to model a soccer ball in this modo 301 software tutorial. This video shows off several modeling techniques in modo including some clever selection tricks, group beveling and material assignment. Improve your modeling skills in modo 301 with this soccer ball tutorial ...more

How To : Improve your soccer goalkeeping with Petr Cech

Chelsea F.C. and Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech believes that goalkeeping is one of the most important and strenuous positions on the soccer team. And with this video, he shows you just how hard tuning into the ball's whereabouts it. This video is not for you if the thou ...more

How To : Play an effective full-back soccer position

Full backs in soccer have the same job as full backs in American football: be big, defensive bodyguards that prevent the other team from penetrating their goal. Unlike in American football, where fullbacks are massive and bulky, fullbacks in soccer are chosen more for their s ...more

How To : Do the lofted soccer pass

Like achieving your wildest dreams, sometimes getting the ball over to a teammate who's far away requires one nice, guttural kick. When no one is within safe passing distance, you must employ the lofted pass, a strong-footed kick that lifts the ball vastly above the defender a ...more

How To : Do the Ronaldo chop soccer move

This isn't your Soccer 101 tutorial. Created by Real Madrid C.F. and Portugal soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, the Ronaldo chop is a dazzling trick that involves flicking the ball with his back leg past his opponent before running on to make a goal. Woody and Wulfy, two inte ...more

How To : Build a soccer goal

If your kids are into sports, or just like running around the yard, they'll love having their very own soccer goal. Better yet, building it makes a great family activity, it is inexpensive, and only takes about 2 hours to construct. Build a soccer goal. Click through to watch ...more

How To : Increase speed and quickness with reactive drills

Do you play an intensive sport, like soccer or football, that requires you to be able to not only run quickly towards a target area far away, but also to be able to catch a flying ball with precision that far away? Then you'll benefit from the speed and quickness training meth ...more

How To : Do the Vieira pirouette soccer move with Woody

Pirouettes aren't soley dance moves for wannabe ballerinas and National Ballet regulars. Patrick Vieira is a midfielder who invented a move called the Vieira pirouette, which involves faking the direction you're dribbling and spinning 360 degrees around to keep the ball going ...more

How To : Cross a soccer ball to a teammate with Deco

Crossing the ball in soccer can make all the difference between losing the ball and passing it with ease to a teammate. In this video, Portugal midfielder Deco helps you improve your crossing and free kicks (many of which often turn into goals). Topics covered include crossin ...more

How To : Block a soccer goal during one-on-one challenges

Soccer star David James is the goalkeeper for England and Portsmouth, so he's more than skilled with closing in on an attacker from the football field. In this video, James lets you in on his goalkeeping secrets, focusing on how to protect your goalpost even when an attacker ...more

How To : Practice Brazilian soccer skills: Stepover 2

Players from the Brazilian Soccer Schools show you how to beat your opponent using the 'Ronaldo stepover 2'. Beat the defenders the Brazilian way. The Ronaldo 2 is the same Ronaldo move but you flick the starting leg behind the ball. Practice Brazilian soccer skills: Stepover ...more

How To : Practice Brazilian soccer skills: The Ronaldo chop

Players from the Brazilian Soccer Schools show you how to beat your opponent using the Ronaldo chop. Beat a defender with the Ronaldo Chop. This is a fast break move to fly by a defender or goalkeeper. Cut the ball behind the back heel and charge at the defender to chop to the ...more

How To : Master the Panenka penalty soccer kick with Woody

Though soccer is a very physically strenuous sport, many soccer fans underestimate the importance of psychological steadiness and intimdiation of opposing players. In this UEFA Training Ground tutorial, soccer star Woody teaches you how to take the Penenka penalty kick. Inven ...more

How To : Beat your opponent at soccer with the Zico

Players from the Brazilian Soccer Schools show you how to beat your opponent using the Zico. This is a classic way to beat the defender the Brazilian way- with flourish and style. The Zico is a 180 spin turn to keep the foot tight on the outside of the foot. It is seen as one ...more

How To : Shoot a knuckle shot in soccer

The knuckleball is an important part of both soccer and baseball, oddly enough, and the soccer version is a very effective shot that is probably much more widely used than the baseball pitch. This video will teach you how to shoot a perfect knuckle that will have most keepers ...more

How To : Do the Ronaldinho heel toe fake pass in soccer

Ronaldinho's combination of speed and deceptive footwork have made him a football legend, and his heel toe fake pass is a great way to misdirect defenders. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to warm up for the trick and then how to actually do it.

How To : Take penalty shots in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

If you've been spending any amount of time with PES 2011, you may have found yourself possibly flopping a little on your penalty shots. Unless you're a pro, these are pretty tough, but don't worry! In this video you'll get a full tutorial on everything involving taking penalty ...more

How To : Do a flick NT HTW freestyle soccer trick

This is a very cool little freestyle soccer trick. It's called a flick NT HTW, and it combines a hope the world with a leg roll and a flick to create a cool combination trick. This video will teach you how to do it.

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