Softball Practice Drills

How To : Practice a knee drill for pitching in softball

In these three sports how-to video, Farmington (MN) HS assistant softball coach Melissa Langer demonstrates three parts of a throwing drill, from the knee, for pitchers. Being able to throw from the knee give a pitcher good balance and coordination. Follow along and learn how ...more

How To : Practice a bat drill for hitting in softball

When practicing hitting drills for softball it is important to work with smaller bats. Doing do helps with bat accuracy, which involves good solid contact of the bat with the ball. Farmington (MN) HS head softball coach Heather Ballstadt demonstrates a bat drill for hitting. F ...more

How To : Practice a backhand drill on a softball field

An important part of softball involves proper backhand catching. In this sports how-to video Farmington (MN) HS head softball coach Heather Ballstadt demonstrates a backhand fielding drill. Follow along and learn how simple it is to do. The fielder needs to do one crossover st ...more

How To : Do Softball Hitting Drills Without a Partner

Practicing softball by yourself can be a challenge, since the interplay between pitcher and hitter is the very heart of the game. This video demonstrates some softball hitting drills that can be performed without a partner. All you need is a tee and the motivation to go out an ...more

How To : Practice a fielding drill without gloves

In this sports how-to video, Farmington (MN) HS head softball coach Heather Ballstadt demonstrates a fielding drill, where the players do not use a glove. To get into position for fielding, start on your toes with the knees bent. Keep the back straight. One person rolls the ba ...more

How To : Do football practice drills

In this video series, watch as football player and fitness instructor Sean Hobson teaches how to do football conditioning drills. Learn how to do a two step drop and pass, how to hand off the football, how to pitch the football, how to roll out as a quarterback, how to catch a ...more

How To : Practice shooting drills for strikers

Reading FC Academy Manager Eamonn Dolan takes you through some simple shooting drills. These are great basic drills for forwards or strikers to practice finishing. The shot is critical for obvious reasons. He covers volleys, bouncing balls and the knee/head placement in the sh ...more

How To : Practice Soccer Drills for Young Players

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and especially popular among young people in the United States. This video features a university soccer coach explaining several important drills for developing young soccer players, including two-touch passing and doing over-unde ...more

How To : Practice running drills on a track

These are great running drills by Lauren Fleshman! They're useful for runners both sprinters, hurdlers and long distance runners. She talks about body position, range of motion, posture and gait. The karaoke drill is a sideways drill. The high knee drill is to recreate the per ...more

How To : Practice basketball drills for youth basketball

Become a better player. Learn conditioning drills which improve basketball skills in youth basketball in this free basketball lesson video from an experienced coach. Part 1 of 14 - How to Practice basketball drills for youth basketball. Practice basketball drills for youth bas ...more

How To : Practice spinning drills in wrestling

Check out this wrestling drill from Barry Davis Wrestling. Here are a few spinning drills to reinforce the motion of spinning behind your opponent's shots. Wrestling video demonstrations showing collegiate level training strategies. Get an inside look into the moves that wil ...more

How To : Practice juggling drills for soccer

Learn how to juggle the soccer ball in order to increase control and be able to easily move down the field. This video starts with a series of drills to slowly build your juggling abilities.

How To : Practice recovery drills

Learn some recovery drills that help develop explosive movements in your legs. By remembering to concentrate on downward motion as well as upward motion, you will increase your speed even more.

How To : Practice carriocca drills

Learn how to use this great carriocca drill in order to achieve a full range of motion and build up your agility on the football field or soccer field.

How To : Practice advanced passing drills

Reading FC Academy Manager Eamonn Dolan takes you through some advanced passing drills. Basic soccer drills for passing so that you can up your game. The passing square drill is a team drill that teaches passing. Practice advanced passing drills. Click through to watch this vi ...more

How To : Practice advanced technical drills in hurling

Practice advanced technical drills for training in the fastest field game in the world: hurling. Hurling is a game popular in Ireland. It is the fastest game on field. The game resembles American Lacrosse, but the equipment does not include much safety devices. The ball is ha ...more

How To : Practice Camogie wall drills in hurling

A selection of wall drills for honing your hurling / camogie skills. All you need is a ball, a stick, and a wall. You can practice and experiment, especially when there's nobody watching. That's where you truly master the skills of the game. Hurling is a game popular in Irela ...more

How To : Practice squash serving drills and return to the T

Don't let your teammate suck the fun out playing squash. Watch this how to video tutorial and learn twelve different serving drills. These fancy serving drills are sure to impress your squash buddy. Watch and learn how to do the following: 1) Lobs right and left 2) Backhand ri ...more

How To : Practice dance dribbling drills for basketball

Learn how to work against pressure defense and keep the defender off balance with the help of this dance dribbling basketball drill. The first video is a team drill and the second is an individual workout variation. Part 1 of 2 - How to Practice dance dribbling drills for bask ...more

How To : Practice chipping with drills

Rickard Strongert explains that to learn how to feel where the ball will land, you can try lying two clubs on the green, three feet apart, and try hitting 15 balls in between the two clubs. You should also try to use different clubs and to control your breathing. Practice chip ...more

How To : Practice cricket bowling drills

Check out this video on cricket bowling drills. Develop your Cricket Bowling with this video that gives good information on some useful bowling drills for cricket players and those coaching. Check out The Cricket School's sports drills and lessons. Learn new cricketing skills ...more

How To : Practice plyometric jump drills

Watch these powermetric drills in order to enlist maximal force and explosion. Great for track, basketball, football, or other sports requiring jumping and explosive movements.

How To : Practice cricket batting drills

Watch these cricket batting drills that improve your game are important but equally as important are to use the right batting drills. Here are is just one of the Cricket Batting Drills to develop cricket batting techniques and batting skills. Check out The Cricket School's sp ...more

How To : Practice cricket bowling drills properly

Practice these cricket bowling drills to develop your cricket bowling. This video gives good information on some useful bowling drills for cricket players and those coaching. Check out The Cricket School's sports drills and lessons. Learn new cricketing skills and develop new ...more

How To : Practice Advanced Skills for Softball Pitching

Fast-pitch softball is fast becoming one of the most popular youth sports in America. This video features softball coach Cirssy Rapp demonstrating some advanced techniques for developing athletes fast pitch softball skills. These include learning how to throw hard before worki ...more

How To : Practice squash with movement drills

Squash is a game of movement in which efficient steps and shots usually lead to victory. Learn about movement and covering the court in squash with this free video on squash drills. Part 1 of 21 - How to Practice squash with movement drills. Practice squash with movement drill ...more

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