Solve the Infamous Sudokube

How To : Solve the infamous Sudokube

Never heard of Sudokube? Well, for those of you who love sudoku AND the Rubik's Cube, this is just perfect for you. The first video gives you and introduction to the Sudokube, and the last two videos show how to solve the tricky thing. Magnificent! Part 1 of 3 - How to Solve t ...more

How To : Install an XBox 360 12 volt fan mod

The XBox 360 runs hot. Really hot. And that is never a good thing for a computer. In fact, it is responsible for the infamous Red Ring of Death that has become synonymous with the XBox 360's poor build quality. This video is here to help solve the problem. It will teach you ho ...more

How To : Solve a Rubik's Cube puzzle

Learn how to solve the infamous Rubik's Cube. Yes, that's right, watch this three-part video tutorial to see how you can solve Erno Rubik's Magic Cube, now known as the Classic 3x3 Rubiks Cube. Learn the notation and the algorithms involved. List of Algorithms: 1/7. Ri Di R ...more

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