News : Majestic Airship Needs Votes to Get Produced by LEGO

LEGO has not attempted a blimp, zeppelin, or similar airship since 1999, the 5956 Expedition Balloon which used highly specialized parts. This is unfortunate as these vessels are well and truly part of the pulpy adventure and steampunk scene. I think Ssorg's Majestic Airship ...more

How To : Build your K'NEX Starburst Spinner Thrill Ride

K'NEX is one of the most popular construction toys on the market, right next to Lincoln Logs and LEGOs, but what makes K'NEX stand out is the fact that children can build mechanically derived toys. Instead of blocks or little logs, kids use interconnecting plastic rods and con ...more

How To : Paper piece at triple speed

Watch this high speed instructional video to experience the art of paper piecing. Paper piecing is essentially quilting with scraps of fabric and paper. This video tutorial demonstrates paper piecing from a pattern. Design your own patterns and enjoy this crafty combination of ...more

News : Outrun bullets & bad guys with the prowess of a cat

French film Banlieue 13 introduced David Belle and the art of parkour to the the world. Haven't seen it? How about James Bond's Casino Royale? Belle choreographed the opening chase that garnered the film much of its praise and laurels. Belle began as a young kid obsessed with ...more

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