How To : Get an RC sponsorship and what to expect

If you're interested in getting sponsorship for something that you do well, like build RCs, then this tutorial will help. Getting sponsors not only can help put food on the table, but it can help with your publicity and getting your name out into the world. But, too many peopl ...more

News : Star Wars Unleashes Adorable AR Porgs via Snapchat

To promote Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Disney and Lucasfilm released virtual porgs into the wilds of Snapchat via a Sponsored Lens on Sunday. The Lens placed a porg in your personal space via the rear-facing camera. Using the front-facing camera, the Lens also equipped users wi ...more

News : SCRABBLE Back in Nigeria's National Sports Festival?

Could Nigeria add SCRABBLE to the list of games at their National Sports Festival in 2011? No one knows for sure, but it's definitely a possibility since SCRABBLE was among the competitions of the biennial 10-day sports fiesta in the past. In 2009, at the 16th Nigerian Nationa ...more

NR30 : The Mobile AR Leaders of 2018

This time last year, we got our first taste of what mobile app developers could do in augmented reality with Apple's ARKit. Most people had never heard of Animojis. Google's AR platform was still Tango. Snapchat introduced its World Lens AR experiences. Most mobile AR experien ...more

News : Li Ning racquet

Yonex has been monopolizing the badminton racquet market and still does. New competitors have come and go over the years without much success. Introducing Li Ning, a brand that shows great potential to challenge Yonex. Li Ning is a chinese company started back in 1990 with 4, ...more

How To : Immigrate to Canada

The purpose of this video is to show how to become a permanent resident in Canada. Some programs are federal and some are for Quebec. The first program is the skilled worker program. The applicant is accessed under a point system and is awarded points for education level, know ...more

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