How To : Sprint faster

Great Britain's Mark Lewis-Francis reveals what it takes to be a better sprinter. Key elements are the techniques in the blocks, and once you're off, make sure not to hunch your shoulders. Sprint faster. Click through to watch this video on co.uk

How To : Improve your sprinting technique

Sprinytting isn't just running to your maximum level. There is technique to maximize your runs, gain speed and get the best workout possible. This video show you exactly how to improve your sprinting technique. A tutorial on how to sprint properly. speed training, teaching pr ...more

How To : Workout running muscles with long stride runs

Learn how to do long stride runs across a floor. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life. Benefits For a long stride run, you'll take the biggest step you can with every stride, pushing off the floor into the air. Pushing yourself over the floor from your legs rather ...more

How To : Practice running drills on a track

These are great running drills by Lauren Fleshman! They're useful for runners both sprinters, hurdlers and long distance runners. She talks about body position, range of motion, posture and gait. The karaoke drill is a sideways drill. The high knee drill is to recreate the per ...more

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