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How To : Activate Microsoft Office standard 2007 with key

Chances are if you've used a computer in the last decade or so, you've probably used Microsoft Office at some point. Activating Microsoft Office standard 2007 will give you access to functions you might not have even known existed that can increase your productivity and improv ...more

How To : Understand mean and standard deviation

Keith M. Bower explains the meaning of mean and standard deviation. This educational video gives insight in the basics of statistics. The relations between population mean and sample mean and between population standard deviation and sample standard deviation are explained. Th ...more

How To : Find the mean and standard deviation

Mean and standard (or normal) deviation may be hard to understand at first, but with the help of this handy little guide from the pros at Exam Solutions you will be up to speed in no time. In this video, you are shown how to calculate the mean and standard deviation from a no ...more

How To : Calculate standard deviation

Looking to find the standard deviation of your set of values? Standard deviation quantifies how diverse the values of your data set are, and is useful in determining how different your numbers are from each other. You Will Need: • Data • A calculator Step 1: Collect your d ...more

How To : Use algebra scientific notation and standard form

In this video we will learn about algebra SCIENTIFIC NOTATION and STANDARD FORM. Watch the above math video to learn how to change large numbers from standard form to scientific notation. To change a whole number that is greater than one from standard form to scientific notat ...more

How To : Tie a standard shoelace knot

How to tie a standard shoelace knot. This knot tying animation is the best you will find on the web. Slow it down to see every step in detail. Learn how to tie a standard shoelace knot with this knot tying animation. Tie a standard shoelace knot. Click through to watch this vi ...more

How To : Create standard & spiral staircases in SketchUp 6

It's one thing to learn how to model a building in SketchUp, and if you are a new SketchUp user you may not remember that multi-level buildings will need a staircase! Mike demonstrates a few different methods to create both standard and spiral staircases in this SketchUp 6 tut ...more

How To : Interpret a standard deviation

A rough definition of standard deviation is that it is a measure of expressing the observed variations about the average in statistical data i.e. by how much do the observed values vary from the mean. This video continues from the previous solved example and demonstrates the m ...more

How To : Calculate sums in standard form

When a number is expressed in the form of x multiplied by 10^y such that, x < 10 and y is an integer, the number is said to be in standard form. Standard form of expressing numbers finds its use in scientific and statistical fields. This video demostrates how to express, as we ...more

How To : Know standard deviation in your financial portfoli

In this tutorial, we learn how to know what standard deviation is in your portfolio. Standard deviation is the amount of risk you have inside your portfolio, this will show you how much fluctuation you have in your portfolio. Depending on the expected return of your portfolio ...more

How To : Replace a standard switch with a dimmer switch

This video demonstrates how to replace a standard switch with a dimmer switch. From the people who brought you the Dummies instructional book series, brings you the same non-intimidating guides in video form. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to replace a standard switch ...more

How To : Make up a standard solution in the chemistry lab

The Interactive Lab Primer (ILP) has been developed as part of the Royal Society of Chemistry Teacher Fellowship Scheme, one of the themes of the Chemistry for Our Future program, and initiative which aims to secure a strong and sustainable future for the chemical sciences in ...more

How To : Draw blood with a standard venepuncture procedure

This medical instructional how-to video demonstrates the proper way to perform a standard venepucture procedure on a patient. Before drawing blood from any patient it is always good to identify your patient. Wrap the band at the top of the arm and use alcohol to clean the area ...more

How To : Convert numbers in and out of standard form

In this video, we learn how to convert numbers in and out of standard form. Standard form is a useful way of writing down very large numbers and very small numbers. To do this, you will look at the number you have and ignore the zeros that are just at the end. Then, write down ...more

How To : Create a new standard user & admin in Windows 7

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to create a new standard user and administrator account. Begin by clicking on the Start menu and select Control Panel. Then click on User Accounts and Family Safety and click on User Accounts. Now select the "Manage another account" op ...more

How To : Find the standard error of the mean

In this video the tutor explains about the standard error of the mean. He starts explaining by drawing the diagram of a distribution and now he takes ten samples from the distribution and starts plotting them. He says that in theory if we do it infinite times then we can obtai ...more

How To : Do standard push ups

Learn how you can do standard push ups with this fitness tutorial. Push ups are a great exercise that builds muscle in your arms, chest, and back. Watch this how to video and you can get in shape with standard push ups.

How To : Find standard deviation

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to calculate the standard deviation of a data set. The standard deviation of a statistical population, a data set, or a probability distribution is the square root of its variance. To calculate the standard deviation, users will need t ...more

How To : Work with Standard Materials in 3ds Max

In this how to video, you will learn how to work with standard materials in 3D Studio Max. The material editor is found by clicking the multicolored button to the right. You can see sample spheres where you can see examples of materials. Below, you can see surface properties s ...more

How To : Prune a rose tree (standard)

If you'd like to have a rose tree, or rose 'standard' as opposed to a rose bush, this video will show you what to do. You'll need some pruning shears and of course, a rose bush. This video is really helpful in instructing what to look for when you're trimming, and what branche ...more

How To : Make a standard blanket from crocheting

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a standard blanket from crocheting. First, you will start your crochet by positioning the material into your hand. Then, you will need to tuck in between your ring and middle finger and around the others. The fingers will control the tens ...more

How To : Find percentages using a standard calculator

Want to find a percentage of one number relative to another? With a calculator, it's easy. And this free video math lesson will show you how to go about it. From Ramanujan to calculus co-creator Gottfried Leibniz, many of the world's best and brightest mathematical minds have ...more

How To : Solve standard-form linear equations in algebra 1

Looking for a primer on how to solve a standard-form linear equation in algebra? Learn how with this free video lesson, which offers examples of how to use the x and y intercepts of a line to write the equation of the line in standard form. From Ramanujan to calculus co-creato ...more

How To : Cut tiles with a standard tile cutter

A standard tile cutter will cut ceramic and porcelain tiles but not natural stone tiles. To use the standard tile cutter adjust and lock the guide. Then, slide your tile into position in the tile cutter. Next, position your cutter on the edge of the tile. Push down on the cutt ...more

How To : Write the equation of a circle in standard form

Here you'll be shown how to take the equation of a circle, and convert it into standard form. Also, it will be explained just what standard form is, while running through the process of conversion. You'll be able to use techniques to quickly work off the numbers on the equatio ...more

How To : Manage standard user & admin accounts in Windows 7

ClearTechInfo live up to their by offering clear and concise information on how to manage user account settings in the new OS from Microsoft, Windows 7. Begin by pressing the start button and going into the control panel. In here look for 'user accounts and family safety', ope ...more

How To : Make a standard paper airplane

Watch this video to learn how to make a standard paper airplane that flies great. You will need one standard piece of paper. 1- Fold the paper in half, long ways. 2- Unfold the paper, take one corner from the top and fold it to the middle. 3- Take the other corner from the top ...more

How To : Test bObsweep Standard's Sensors and Parts

If you're ever worried about your bObsweep's well being, you can always do a home check-up test to make sure all of bOb's parts are in working shape. As long as bOb has some charge, you can diagnose any potential issues by following the video guide for performing bObsweep Stan ...more

How To : Learn standard foot skills for FIFA 09 on XBOX 360

Learn how to do the standard skills in Fifa 09, it looks like every player in the game can do these. These are special tricks, but they are necessary if you want to play online or ever score. This includes a foot flick, slide tackle, 360 roulette and reverse stopovers.

How To : Use an SPL (Standard PHP Library) in PHP programming

This video presents a basic introduction to SPL (Standard PHP Library) in PHP programming. You'll be dealing with itertators, which will allow you to loop through operations. This is a basic intro, but gives you a good idea of what you'll be dealing with.

How To : Organize shows into groups on a standard TiVo DVR

In this video tutorial, we learn how to group recorded programs on a standard TiVo digital video recorder or DVR. For more information, including a complete overview and detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this home-theatre how-to guide from the folks at CNET.

How To : Change the aspect ratio on a standard HDTV

In this tutorial, we learn how to change the default aspect ratio of a standard high-definition television when setting up a home theatre. For more information, including a complete overview and detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this video guide from CNET.

How To : Set up your AppleTV with a standard definition TV

You don't need a high definition television to take advantage of AppleTV! This tutorial shows you how to set up your Apple TV to function with a standard definition television set. You'll need an HDMI to DVI cable anda VGA to DVI adapter, and use the yellow composite video cor ...more

How To : Set up an international standard (IS) brake caliper

Installing and maintaining properly functioning brakes is one of the most important mechanical parts of keeping your bike working safely. This video features a professional bike mechanic setting up an international standard, or IS, brake caliper on a mountain bike.

How To : Tune your guitar to standard tuning

An untuned guitar can be huge setback for a lot of players. Get your guitar in tune and get that song sounding right with help from this tutorial on how to tune your guitar to standard tuning.

How To : Build Halo 3 standard weapons with Legos

If you're into Halo 3 and you're into Legos, why not combine the two? Watch this video tutorial to learn how to build Halo 3 standard weapons with Legos (human and covenant), like the rocket launcher, beam rifle, battle rifle, and SMG. Halo support weapons built with Legos: ...more

How To : Set up and use standard lights in 3ds Max 8

This 3ds Max video tutorial will show you how lighting, like omnilights, mental ray rendered lights, skylights, and many more, can make the difference between amateur and pro. Take some time to learn the standard lights as digital modelers/sculptors/animators. Autodesk's 3D S ...more

How To : Dance the Standard Waltz

This video gives a demonstration of the standard waltz dance. This popular dance style was once used all over the world. Although there are different types of the waltz, this version was most commonly used. Be patient because the video may take a few seconds to download from t ...more

How To : Blindfold bObsweep Pethair or Standard Model

bObsweep Standard and Pethair are made to easily transition between a variety of floor types, so they function efficiently in most spaces. Once in a while, bOb's workplace includes unique furniture that may cause slight difficulties but can be resolved with blindfold stickers ...more

How To : Use Any Standard Watch Band with Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch only looks as good as the band that it's bound to, but if you're looking to purchase one directly from Apple, expect to spend anywhere from $149 (for the Milanese Loop) to $449 (for the Link Bracelet). Instead of spending all that money on a new Watch band, w ...more

How To : Convert military time to standard time for Java

Want to program your own Java games and applications but don't know beans about object-oriented programming? Never you fear. This free video tutorial from TheNewBoston will have you coding your own Java apps in no time flat. Specifically, this lesson discusses how to write a s ...more

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