How To : Robin Rhode Knows How To Play With Himself

South African born artist Robin Rhode combines street art with optical trickery, resulting in a cumulation of performance, graffiti, drawing, film and photography. The work is nothing short of magic. More stills of his work below the video.

Hammock - Breathturn (DP : Larkin Seiple)

I hesitate to even post screengrabs from this piece.  The storytelling by this creative team (dir. David Altobelli & DP Larkin Seiple) is so perfect that taking stills out of context doesn't do it justice.  At first, I was disappointed that the automatic thumbnail Vimeo chose ...more

How To : Choose rum

Rum is no ordinary liquor. If you have a yearning for some rum, you need to know the basics of rum culture, like what rum is (and isn't), what kind of rums are available, and how is rum made. Once you know this information, you'll be a rum master. Rum is available in a wide va ...more

News : Fake UFO photographs

In Photoshop-speak, we call them faux-tographs. Michael Shermer presents this lesson in falsehoods as a children's craft project. Just tie up some kitchenware to an old fishing pole, flash the photo and ta-da! There's your err... evidence! Believer or not, there's a remarkab ...more

News : Canon 7D Sucks.

I bought a canon 7D and used it for an entire weekend.  I noticed it dropped frames much more than my Canon 5D.  There were many more aliasing problems with fine detail in the background.  The camera is just plain awful in low light situations.  Anything above 400 ISO I was ge ...more

News : Homework & Syllabus

Week 01 : 9/31 - 09/06 Read Chapters 1-2 of Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects Do the exercises from each chapter you read in the After Effects Book in Lab Time. Read - How To Be An Explorer of the World - Pages 1 - 37 Do exercises 1-5 - Please document these in a ...more

News :

GB Fotografie Professional photographer from London: Portraiture. Stills and animation production. Wedding photography Product photography Event photography

MUST SEE : Insane Movie Trip Out Site

If you want to blow your mind, check out this amazing new tumblr blog devoted to abstract moving stills from classic films. Here is the main site. You gotta see them moving to believe it. Some of my favorites. Taxi Driver Lost Highway Straw Dogs The Shinning

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