How To : Play Better in Counter Strike Source

So You're New to Counter Strike Source? So you're new to Counter Strike Source and you want to improve your gameplay? Great. You've come to the right place. The first step to improving your game is to admit that you are a NEWB or NEWBIE. Do not confuse this with NOOB. A "new ...more

How To : Hack Counter-Strike to Play on Your Android

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time, and deservedly so. What originally started out as a third-party Half-Life mod garnered such a cult following that Valve had to hire the developers and purchase the intellectual property to make it an ...more

How To : Tie the Yarn Strike Indicator for fly fishing

Check out this video and learn how to tie a great Yarn Strike Indicator with Alain Barthelemy. This fly has been a staple at Trout Predator Online since the beginning, and was chosen as fly of the month for December 2007. When winter comes around and the dry flies dry up, this ...more

News : PayPal Problems Strike Yet Another Indie Developer

PayPal has, all in all, been great for allowing Web 2.0 economy to grow. For most entities, it's the best way to send money between two people on the internet. Not the case for indie studios. First, Minecraft maestro Notch had the PayPal account he used to take in his Minecr ...more

How To : Bowl more strikes like PBA Tour star Sean Rash

This video offers three tips for improving your bowling and throwing more strikes. The first step to becoming a great bowler is to pick the right ball weight. Bowling balls are normally between 6-16 pounds. A way to measure whether a ball is too heavy is to hold it in front of ...more

How To : Make squibs to strike the walls

Watch this instructional special effects video on how to make a squib to simulate fired bullets striking a wall. This squib making process will not work for contact on people. Follow the step by step procedure by watching this instructional video to produce realistic special e ...more

How To : Do the "Pants Strike" trick with a Zippo lighter

In this clip, learn a super simple Zippo trick that will impress your friends. Basically, you will be lighting your lighter with your pant leg. So, the next time a girl asks you for a light in the bar, impress her with this cool new way of lighting up. Have fun and stay safe!

How To : Make the Glock full auto on Counter Strike: Source

Counter Strike: Source is one of those PC games that is literally never going to go away. This video will help to increase that already-prodigious longevity by teaching you how to use a glitch to make the Glock handgun in the game fully automatic. This turns it from a pretty u ...more

How To : Strike a soccer ball so that it will curve

This video will teach you how to strike a soccer ball so that it will curve. This technique is particularly useful for corner kicks and may also be known as an inswinger. Strike a soccer ball so that it will curve. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Boffer sword fight with one-handed strike drills

The Knights of Gray are back, and they're are here to teach you some boffer sword fighting drills to practice with for your upcoming LARP events. This video tutorial covers not only one-handed strike drills, but thrusts with the foam boffer weapon as well. You'll also learn c ...more

How To : Perform a cardio kickboxing knee strike

With good form and vigorous movement, a cardio kickboxing knee strike will get the heart rate up and strengthen the whole body. Learn how to perform a cardio kickboxing knee strike in this fitness tutorial. When performing a cardio kickboxing knee strike you should assume lung ...more

How To : Use basic hammer strikes in blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is an ancient art of metalsmithing that has never gone away and is still done today! Knowing about heat and what sort of metals to use is good, but if you are just whacking at the metal wildly without any sort of form, you're doing it wrong. In this video you wil ...more

How To : Practice women's self defense strikes

Women's self defense strikes are extremely valuable in a world where women are attacked everyday. Learn self defense strikes, kicks and punches with tips from a martial arts expert in this free self defense video series. Part 1 of 12 - How to Practice women's self defense stri ...more

How To : Strike an arc with a welding electrode

In order to properly strike an arc with a welding electrode, the idea is to make contact between the metal of the arc being welded and the electrode that is doing the welding. While practice is the best way to learn how to weld, some tips can give a solid beginning. Watch this ...more

News : George Lucas Strikes Back

What if George Lucas had never created the Star Wars prequels, what if a secret terrorist organization had done it while they kept lucas locked away for 20 years in a prison cell. Well watch this video and see the truth: This comic piece was created by Bridge Stuart & Mike Li ...more

How To : Do a kickboxing knee strike

Make sure you knee strike in Thai boxing, not kickboxing. Learn the skills of Muay Thai in this video on competitive kickboxing moves. When doing the kickboxing knee strikes you should start from fighting position, your toes point down, feel as if calf is locked to hamstrings, ...more

How To : Strike irons pure

Fizz those irons... You always know when you've struck an iron shot sweetly, it feels effortless and fizzes off the golf clubface with control. The pure strike sounds solid as the ball compresses off the clubface with the turf. There are three main faults that ruin the chances ...more

How To : Strike small men in Kendo

Learning how to strike a small men (no, not a tiny person) in Kendo could be problematic. In this video, you will see various ways of striking small men.

How To : Practice the lift & strike skills in hurling

Check out these hurling drills for practicing the lift and striking directly off the hurley. Hurling is a game popular in Ireland. It is the fastest game on field. The game resembles American Lacrosse, but the equipment does not include much safety devices. The ball is hard w ...more

How To : Do a kickboxing hooking knee strike

A hooking knee strike is legal in Thai boxing, not kickboxing. Learn the skills of Muay Thai in this tutorial on competitive kickboxing moves. When performing the kickboxing hooking knee strike you should start from fighting position. When doing the kickboxing hooking knee str ...more

How To : Strike a concert bass drum properly

Tom Gauger has played percussion with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops Orchestras for over 35 years and has also served on the faculty at Boston University and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. In this installment from his series of video lessons dedicated to brea ...more

How To : Detect strikes on a Carolina rig

If you're using a Carolina rig and don't have much experience with how to use it, then check out this next tutorial. In this video, you'll learn a couple valuable pieces of information that should be useful for you when you're using a Carolina rig when out bass fishing. These ...more

How To : Perform strikes and kicks in tae kwon do

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that means the way of the foot and fist, get expert tips and advice on strikes and kicks in this free video. Part 1 of 15 - How to Perform strikes and kicks in tae kwon do. Perform strikes and kicks in tae kwon do - Part 2 of 15. Click through ...more

How To : Perform strikes in women's self-defense

Strikes can get you away from an attacker. Learn simple self defense techniques that can cause minimal harm to an attacker in this free video series from a inductee in the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Part 1 of 10 - How to Perform strikes in women's self-defense. Perform stri ...more

News : Russia threatens to strike NATO missile defense sites

Russia’s top military officer warned Thursday that Moscow would strike NATO missile-defense sites in Eastern Europe before they are ready for action, if the U.S. pushes ahead with deployment. “A decision to use destructive force pre-emptively will be taken if the situation wo ...more

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