Style a Mohawk

How To : Style a mohawk haircut

In this series of hair styling videos you'll learn how to give a Mohawk hairstyle, and tips for styling the faux hawk, the pompadour and liberty spikes hairstyle. Expert stylist Natalie Wegner offers tips on picking the best punk hair color for your new rockin' hairdo. If you' ...more

How To : Style a faux mohawk

This video helps you create a faux hawk hair style. The only thing necessary to create this look are bobby pins, a comb, and lots of hair spray. By sectioning off parts of your hair and pinning it down you are able to create the illusion of a mohawk. While there is no verbal c ...more

How To : Style a liberty spike mohawk

How to make a liberty spike mohawk. Gather glue, freeze spray, a blow dryer, a brush, and some rubber bands. Brush hair until it is nice and fluffy. Take rubber band and perform spikes around your entire head. After setting your hair up in the spikes use the freeze spray to sp ...more

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