How To : Begin Sumi-e ink painting

Check out this video for a primer on Sumi-e painting. This video show you how to prepare your ink, table and brush to begin painting. These are the supplies you will need: Brush(fude);bamboo body and weasel hair. Sumi bar;made from palm ash. Scratching table(Suzuri), and rice ...more

How To : Draw a lotus flower in sumi-e Chinese ink painting

Chinese tradition has always honored lotus flowers. Essentially, the lotus flower represents peace, creativity and purity amid adverse surroundings. This is a perfect subject matter for sumi ink painting. Watch this instructional painting video to practice painting lotus flowe ...more

How To : Paint an owl in Sumi-e ink

Check out this video to learn how to paint an owl in the traditional Japanese method of Sumi-e ink painting. The owl is one of the most popular subjects in Sumi-e painting.

How To : Use the Tarahikomi technique in Sumi-e painting

Check out this video to learn the Tarashikomi technique of Sumi-e painting. The Tarashikomi technique, originated by Sotatsu Tawaraya, a 17th century painter, is a good technique for short hair animals like dogs, horse, or bulls. In this video the technique is used to paint a ...more

How To : Paint a rock lake in Sumi-e ink

Check out this video to see a demonstration of the Sumi-e style of ink painting in painting a rock lake. Treess, rocks, and water and basic fundamentals of Sumi-e painting.

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