News : Remove a bra one-handed

The McLovin Award was inspired by the fake ID toting nerd from Superbad. Clueless, looking for booze and perpetually horny-- every geek needs a shortcut to get the girl...that, and a fake ID. Bra removal is advanced McLovin. Most of us never get to this spot while still cover ...more

How To : draw suggestive doodles

What is not to enjoy in this subersive tutorial? Who can live without the weenie drawing montage in Superbad? Classic. Jonah Hill in Superbad authoritatively cites that 70% of us are afflicted with this primal need to draw every object with a John Thomas. If you are in that ...more

News : REVIEW - Get Him to the Greek

Review: Get Him to the Greek So much puke It's not quite Pixar-like, Judd Apatow's streak of very funny, very good films, but it's close. As a producer, he's as close as it gets to Mr. Automatic, going from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy to The 40-Year-Old Virgi ...more

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