How To : Practice the pilates swimming exercise

This pilates how-to video illustrates the Swimming exercise. This pilates exercise is good for core stabilization, upper back extension and hip extension. This is good to improve back strength and those deep abdominal stabilizers. Swimming targets the transversus abdominis, o ...more

How To : Do a pool workout with SELF Magazine

Get bikini ready with a few tips from the experts. In this fitness how-to video SELF Magazine gives you a full-body workout centered around swimming exercises. Watch to learn how to dive into the pool to do the following exercise: egg beaters, stair star, water taxi, toe touch ...more

How To : Do the Dragon weighted exercise for swimming

Challenge yourself with this swimming video, which teaches you a pre-swim exercise called the Dragon. As fiery and monstrous a move as its name suggests, it involves lifting a set of heavy (10-30 pound weights) from your hip to over your head and then jumping as the weights go ...more

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