Take a Enema

How To : Give an enema

This video may be old, but shows you the basics of setting up and giving an enema to someone. Leave it to these Navy guys to show you how to give it in the rear, so to speak.

How To : Learn about enema equipment

Enemas have been made fun of frequently in pop culture (remember Blink 182's "Enema of the State" CD cover?), but they're very serious and useful treatments in the medical world. Whether you need to treat constipation, encopresis, or need a colon cleanse, enemas help get rid o ...more

News : Enema Art Gallery

Have each of the guys do an enema, each in a different color. Then have them all shoot it out onto canvases, frame it and you have the first ever enema art fair.

How To : X-ray the colon

This video shows the steps taken before and during a barium enema or colon x-ray. The barium is used to insure a good view and accurate diagnosis. X-ray the colon. Click through to watch this video on mayoclinic.com

News : Left Holding The Bag

1) propose a skit where a 'volunteer' will fill himself with oil and brown dye, via an enema bottle and attempt to paint a canvas 5-10 feet away. 2) Someone will need to hold the enema bottle up to assist in this. The bottle holder will be warned to stay to the side of the 'a ...more

News : The Shi**aPalooza

First things first, this has to be a hidden prank on the cast of the show, so dont let em see this, the prank is called the shittapalooza and heres how its done first the cast is called in for a meeting, set up during lunch time with drinks and snacks preferably chocolate chi ...more

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