Take Aerial Photographs with a Kite

How To : Make a kite aerial photography rig

Learn how to explore the world of photography from a kite's point of view with this aerial photography rig (also known as KAP). Bre Pettis and the accomplished guys at Make Magazine decide to use a VEX robotics kit to do the job.

News : High as a Kite - Stunning Aerial Photos

Make Magazine presents UC Berkeley's professor of architecture, Cris Benton. From Make, "Cris is a leader in the aerial kite photography community, constantly developing new ways to rig remotely controlled cameras to customized kites for stunning results." Kite aerial photog ...more

How To : Make an aerial photo rig with a disposable camera

Get creative with an old disposable camera by setting up an aerial photography rig using akite! Get a new perspective by taking pictures from a bird's eye view. You Will Need: • A rotary tool • A rotary tool cutoff wheel • A wooden clothespin • A pushpin • A disposable 3 ...more

How To : Photograph from the sky with a homemade balloon

In this video, you will find some tips on making an aerial camera to take footage from the sky. To make your own aerial camera, you will need to follow these steps: Buy some metalized nylon from balloon kits.com. Use a hot iron to see the nylon pieces together. Check for any a ...more

News : Different Types of Photography

Aerial- standing tall above the subject, or shooting from a tall building, plane, etc... Architecture- shots of buildings (no people) Artistic- any shot of a subject where creativity is the number 1 goal. Black and White - aka... B&W, working with no color. Camera Phone- low q ...more

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