How To : Wear a baby Bjorn for dads

In this tutorial, we learn how to wear a baby Bjorn for dads. First, you will want to take it out of the body and put the straps together. After this, you will place the straps around your shoulders so that the back brace is on the back. The ouch for the baby will be at the fr ...more

How To : Take care of your baby's sensitive skin at bath time

Bathing a baby means not only keeping them clean, but also taking care of their skin. This video shows you how to keep your child's skin soft and well moisturized. Make sure your baby doesn't continually suffer from dry skin, and always moisturize after a bath.

How To : Care for your baby's first teeth

Now that your baby has grown his or her first teeth, it's important that you take good care of them. This video guide from Health Guru will help you to do just that. For details, and to get started better looking after your own baby's teeth, take a look.

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