Teaching Children to Behave

How To : Raise well-behaved children

Are you a mom or a dad that has run into a road block with your kids? Are they out of control disobedient? Follow this advice on how to raise well-behaved children and raising your children will be much more rewarding. You Will Need: • Time • Patience • Disciplinary rules ...more

How To : Treat ADHD without drugs and with neurotherapy

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, reluctantly, drug therapy is often recommended for treatment. Neurotherapy is one such drug free alternative. Video games controlled by brain waves are used to condition the brain to behave with a normal function and allow the patient to ...more

How To : Discipline your toddler without spanking

At one time or another, every parent has thought about taking off the belt, but that's frowned upon in our current society, perhaps even illegal. Even using you hand could be too harsh for the child's sake, but there are ways to get your unruly tot under control. Toddlers are ...more

How To : Give your child a real life lesson in manners

When your child is well-behaved, it says as much about you as it does about her! Here, tips for teaching your child the importance of manners. Give your child a real life lesson in manners. Click through to watch this video on studio4kids.tv

How To : Avoid empty threats when disciplining children

Following through with discipline is the best way to get your kid to behave. Don't threaten to throw child's toys away if they don't clean up. A follow through would be to throw the toys away! Avoid empty threats when disciplining children. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Reform a spoiled brat

Is your child a gimme monster? Put a lid on demands and tantrums with these tips. You Will Need * Time to spend with your child * Limits * A chore list * Self-examination Step 1: Set an example Be a good role model. If you moan and whine when things don’t go your way, it won ...more

How To : Snag a trophy wife

Everyone wants to have a pretty young thing on their arm, but not everyone can get it. To secure perfect trophy wife of your dreams, you need to meet a few criteria. Check out this tutorial and learn the do's and don'ts of dating younger ladies. You Will Need • Steady, well-p ...more

News : Moshi Monsters Rise from Indie Game to Kiddie Empire

Four years ago Mind Candy was a pretty small game company. They were best known for their revolutionary but short lived ARG Perplex City, and had no other successful franchises to fall back on when that ended. Their plan to save it? Start a free online social game for children ...more

How To : Deal with an aggressive dog

Worried your canine might bite somebody? Afraid to take them on walks anymore because of what could happen if a child walks past you? Afraid of a lawsuit? These are the worries associated with overly aggressive dogs. But with proper training, an aggressive dog can be transform ...more

How To : augment decolletage (boob size) via Photoshop

Ok. Friday disclaimer. This one is fluff. Instructional fluff. Grown-men-behaving-like-children-fluff. That said, Photoshop is less expensive and safer than elective surgery. May I point your attention to the demented robot/automated voice. Somehow it just all makes sense. ...more

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