Team Offense

How To : Perform soccer drills to improve offense & defense

Even expert players who score impressive football victories in the UEFA championship games need to practice and train properly. Get a peek into the Spanish Football Federation's training tactics via this video on soccer drills that improve a soccer team's offense and defense. ...more

How To : Play defense in a game of field hockey

A field hockey defense must control the opposing team's offense. Communication and positioning are paramount when building an effective field hockey defense. Learn how to play field hockey defense in this video tutorial. Take Action: Jab at ball to take control away. Swing a ...more

How To : Do soccer drills to maintain possesion of the ball

This is a helpful soccer video because it gives you tactics from both sides of play. Taken from a training routine from the Spanish Football Federation, the video improves your team's ability to retain possession of the ball while also breaking down offense moves in terms of w ...more

How To : Play Your Kit in Battlefield Bad Company 2

Are you having problems because the game was released a long time ago and the more experienced players are better than you? Then you should be very excited to find out that I will be giving you some general tips & tricks about the different classes that I have learned the hard ...more

How To : Play capture the flag

Get out your army pants and prepare to conquer your backyard. Learn how to play Capture the Flag with this video Step 1: Choose teams Divide the players into two teams of equal size. Step 2: Find playing field Find a large outdoor playing field that includes both open and ...more

How To : Forearm pass a volleyball

To dominate the game in beach volleyball, you'll need to master the forearm pass. This pass gets the offense started and allows your team to move the ball to the "setter" in the target area. Forearm pass a volleyball. Click through to watch this video on

News : England vs. USA Preview

Posted with permission via 1776...a group of colonies walked away from the British, effectively starting a war that ended in the defeat of the mighty Brits. 1950...Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian born immigrant, scored the lone goal in the 1950 World Cup match, ...more

News : Analysis of the England vs. USA match

Posted with permission via Ok, so my prediction of a 3-1 USA victory didn't come true. But I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with a 1-1 draw!! There were times where we looked shaky (first 15 minutes). But there were also times when we were tak ...more

How To : Play offense in a game of field hockey

A field hockey team will not win if the offense does not score points, so they must work together with the rest of the team to be successful. Learn how to play offense in field hockey in this video tutorial. Take Action: Make a controlled swing. Swing through the ball. Switc ...more

How To : Position your body in a game of volleyball

Perfect body position allows the volleyball player to execute effective techniques on both offense and defense. Learn how to get into perfect body position in this volleyball video tutorial. Take Action: Keep left toe staggered with right foot. Keep knees out. Keep back at 4 ...more

How To : Play midfielder in a game of field hockey

A field hockey midfielder is the quarterback of the team, and must advance the ball from the defense to the offense. Learn how to play midfielder in field hockey in this video tutorial. Take Action: Provide a link between forward line & defense. Set pace & play as the center ...more

How To : Do basic cheerleading

In this video series, let Nicole Gardner show you some beginning cheerleading moves. As captain of her cheerleading team, she knows how to teach new cheerleaders. Nicole discusses safety issues for cheerleading. She also offers a routine of basic cheerleading stretches. Learn ...more

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