How To : Massage a baby's teething gums

How to massage a baby's teething gums in four easy steps. Use the pad of your fingers to rub in a circular motion all along the gum line. You can do this both inside and outside the mouth. When you do it inside the mouth, use the pad of your finger and just rub it all over the ...more

How To : Take care of a teething baby

Would you like it if all of your teeth were coming in at once? Your baby doesn't either, which is why teething is such a painful process for parent and child alike. Watch this video to learn some ways you can make teething easier.

How To : Soothe teething pain in babies

When your baby starts teething, he will probably start drooling a lot and experience some gum discomfort. Watch this video to learn signs of teething as well as ways to soothe the pain that comes with this process.

How To : Manage your child's painful teething period

Dealing with a teething baby is probably the worst time of raising a child. This video shows parents how to manage teething and help your child through a painful period in their life. A few good strategies involving food and medicine are laid out for desperate parents.

How To : 9 Ways to Hack Your Life with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil must be sent from the gods themselves, because this stuff is made of miracles. If you ever wondered why your mother always has it around, it's because she's smart enough to know the countless uses for it. Whether you need a beauty remedy, help with weight loss, or ...more

How To : Keep your dog from chewing

Keep your dog from chewing. Puppies chew because they are teething, bored, or curious. It's up to you to protect your valuables. Give your dog a toy to chew. Keep your dog from chewing. Click through to watch this video on discovery.com

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