Terraria House

How To : Get a hellforge in your house in Terraria

Check out this Terraria guide to learn how to bring a hellforge straight from the underworld to your house. This video contains instructions for finding hellforge brick and building a hellforge in your own house in Terraria. Watch and learn.

How To : Get a Demolitionist to your house in Terraria

Check out this helpful video to learn what you can do to attract a Demolitionist to your house in Terraria. Demolitionists are experts in blowing things up, which is a skill that will certainly come in handy while playing Terraria.

How To : Get a Nurse to your house in Terraria

When you're playing Terraria, you're on your own in the wilderness. That's dangerous, so it would help if you had someone around to look after you. Check out this video guide to learn how to attract a Nurse to your house in Terraria.

How To : Craft a wooden platform in Terraria

New to the world of Terraria? Then your Terraria world is probably empty. Watch this video to learn how to craft a wooden platform that you can place in your Terraria world. The wooden platform could be the start of your first Terraria house.

How To : Build a door in Terraria

If you want to build houses and other advanced structures in Terraria, you'll need to first be able to build doors. Watch this video for a quick tutorial in building doors in Terraria. Learn which tools and materials to use.

How To : Make your first shelter in Terraria

You don't want to spend your first night in Terraria out in the cold. This video will show you how to build your first shelter, a simple house than can be expanded or replaced later. Watch and learn the secrets of Terraria home construction.

How To : Craft an Obsidian generator in Terraria

Obsidian is an excellent resource for crafting in Terraria. With enough, you can even build yourself a fine house. This video will show you how to set up an Obsidian generator using vats, grinders, and duplicators. This is expert Terraria crafting.

News : Minecraft, Meet Terraria

Minecraft was first released just a few years ago, but when a paradigm-shifting piece of media comes along the rest of the world is quick to take inspiration from it. The absolutely terrible XBLA knock-off FortressCraft was the first, and last month a much more interesting gam ...more

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