News : Minecraft, Meet Terraria

Minecraft was first released just a few years ago, but when a paradigm-shifting piece of media comes along the rest of the world is quick to take inspiration from it. The absolutely terrible XBLA knock-off FortressCraft was the first, and last month a much more interesting gam ...more

How To : Control time in Terraria

Get things moving in your Terraria world. Harvest sooner, collect more monsters, get more done when you fast forward time in Terraria. Watch this Terraria guide to learn how to control time in Terraria so you can get free stuff and grow more.

How To : Make infinite water and lava in Terraria

How great would it be to have an infinite supply of water and lava in Terraria? Make building that much easier by watching this video and following along to build your own infinite water and lava source in your Terraria world.

How To : Find and share Terraria worlds

Use this path: C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds to find your Terraria world. This will allow your to export and share Terraria worlds with your friends. Follow the instructions in this video and you'll be able to play Terraria as a member or the online community.

How To : Make Luigi from Super Mario Bros in Terraria pixel art

Take your creativity to the next level, build some incredible pixel art in your Terraria world. This video will show you how to build an 8-bit version of Luigi from Super Mario Bros. using common Terraria building resources. Throw a Mario party in your Terraria world!

How To : Craft a torch in Terraria

Have you been walking around your Terraria world in the dark? Let there be light! Watch this Terraria video guide and learn how to craft a torch. This video contains the crafting recipe for a torch, it's up to you to gather the materials and make it.

How To : Create Yoshi pixel art in Terraria

Check out this video to see an amazing pixel art creation built out of common items from Terraria. Learn how to make your own Yoshi pixel art in Terraria by watching this video and you'll have the coolest Terraria world of all your friends.

How To : Trigger a meteorite in Terraria

Itching to get a meteorite to visit your Terraria world? Watch this video to learn three different techniques to attract a meteorite when playing Terraria. This Terraria guide explains how each of these methods triggers meteorites landing in your map.

How To : Kill the guide in Terraria without using any mods

Like most Terraria players, you're looking for a way to kill that annoying guide. If you'd rather not download an install a mod just to do it, then you should watch this helpful video. Follow the technique shown here and rid your Terraria world of the guide.

How To : Craft a wooden platform in Terraria

New to the world of Terraria? Then your Terraria world is probably empty. Watch this video to learn how to craft a wooden platform that you can place in your Terraria world. The wooden platform could be the start of your first Terraria house.

How To : Make Green Koopa pixel art in Terraria

Bring a bit of 8-bit Mario magic to your Terraria world. Watch this video to learn how to use common items to make incredible pixel art. Follow along and you'll have a Green Koopa in your Terraria world in no time.

How To : Render and record smooth Terraria gameplay

Trying to make your own Terraria let's play series? Ensure the quality of your video by watching this guide to rendering and recording smooth Terraria gameplay. Learn what tools to use to get great looking video of your Terraria world.

How To : Make a fish bowl in Terraria

Looking for a pet to keep you company in your Terraria world? Watch this video and learn how to build a fish bowl. The fish bowl is a fun Terraria variety item that your character can wear on his head.

How To : Make a workbench in Terraria

Just getting started out in Terraria? One of the first things you will want to do is build your workbench. The workbench is essential to crafting important items that will allow you to survive and thrive in your Terraria world.

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