The Amazing Kenny

How To : Do a simple contact juggling isolation

The Amazing Kenny takes some time away from his balloon animals to show us how to do a simple contact juggling isolation. This looks trickier than it actually is. Amaze your friends with this cool isolation! Watch this video, and learn from The Amazing Kenny how easy it is to ...more

How To : Perform the contact juggling isolation Enigma

Aspiring street performers, circus performers, and tricksters: Listen up! In this video, learn from "The Amazing Kenny" the contact juggling isolation Enigma. This trick uses Fushig Balls and is perfect to mistify your audience!

How To : Make a balloon blaster projectile weapon

Check out this short video to see the amazing Kenny create a balloon blaster, projectile weapon. By inserting one balloon inside another, you can use the use the air pressure to fire your projectile. Remember, never point a weapon, even a balloon weapon at anyone.

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