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How To : Pronounce the months in French

Watch to learn how to say and pronounce the names of the months in French. janvier - January fevrier - February mars - March avril - April mai - May juin - June juillet - July août - August septembre - September octobre - October novembre - November decembre - December

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 25 to 28 (Month 7)

Pregnancy weeks 25 to 28 mark the end of the second trimester, and the beginning of the third trimester. During month 7, your baby will be able to hear sounds and may start dreaming, but you may experience discomfort from hemorrhoids or sciatica. Health Guru is a site that pr ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 17 to 20 (Month 5)

During month 5 of your pregnancy, a sonogram can tell you if you're having a boy or girl! You may be eating everything in sight - but that's normal. You're now at the midpoint of your second trimester - 20 weeks pregnant! Health Guru is a site that produces videos which provi ...more

News : 5 Month Retrospective of the Hacked Kinect

Nintendo's Wii Remote came close, but never has a video game peripheral garnered such adoration from the hacker community than the Kinect. Since the release of Microsoft's controller-free gaming device last November, there has literally been thousands of fun and useful projec ...more

How To : Get six pack abs in less than a month

Watch as Joshrulz77 Shows your how to get Six pack abs in just one month! Depending on how much you need to lose you can achieve it in one week or up to one month. One exercise you can do is to hold on to the bottom of a bed or a couch with your hands and then use your abs to ...more

How To : Pronounce the months of the year in Spanish

Check out this Spanish language video that shows you how to say the months of the year in Spanish. This video covers months and some useful phrases dealing with numbers and months. Practice your Spanish language skills and improve your pronunciation of the months of hte year i ...more

Review : My 6 Months Using the 12.9-Inch iPad Pro

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was released in stores on November 11, 2015, and a couple days later I went to an Apple Store and to check it out in person. I had mixed feelings about the tablet, but was intrigued overall—so much so that over the next few weeks, as I found myself heari ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 5 to 8 (Month 2)

During month two, you'll see early signs of pregnancy. You're more than halfway through the first trimester and even if you haven't taken a pregnancy test, you may be experiencing morning sickness. This month, you'll also have your first ultrasound. Health Guru is a site that ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 1 to 4 (Month 1)

The days of asking, "Am I Pregnant?" are over. The pregnancy test was positive. You're 1 month pregnant and you may even have some early pregnancy symptoms. Watch this video to see what your baby is up to in month one and your first trimester. Health Guru is a site that produ ...more

How To : Average with the MONTH function in Microsoft Excel

Love Microsoft Excel? This clip contains a tip that just might induce you to. With this free video tutorial from ExcelIsFun, the 90th installment of his "YouTubers Love Excel" or YTLE series of free video MS Excel lessons, you'll see a complicated average calculation with mult ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 29 to 32 (Month 8)

The third trimester is here! Pregnancy weeks 29 to 32 may bring heartburn, Braxton-Hicks contractions, and the return of morning sickness. Your baby now has all 5 senses, and each baby kick is stronger than the last one. Watch to learn about month 8! Health Guru is a site tha ...more

How To : Say the months of the year in Polish

In this video, we learn how to say the months of the year in Polish. To say January, you will say "Styczen in Polish. February is "luty", March is "marzec", April is "kwiecien", May is "maj", June is "czerwiec", July is "lipiec", August is "sierpien", September is "wrzesien", ...more

How To : Speak Any Language Fluently In Months

Revealed! The secret to learning a language quickly. It's a little known technique diplomats and royalty have used for centuries. I lucked up on it by analyzing how I could quickly boost my language and workforce marketability. You get it here by design. The secret to learnin ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 33 to 36 (Month 9)

Third trimester pregnancy symptoms like insomnia, heartburn, and frequent urination are in full swing. As you get ready for baby you may take a Lamaze class, buy a stroller, or finalize baby names. See what your baby is up to in month 9, in this video! Health Guru is a site t ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 9 to 12 (Month 3)

It's the end of your first trimester, so your baby has graduated to full-fledged fetus status. You still probably have early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, and you may have developed a baby bump. Learn about month 3 of pregnancy in this video! Health Guru is a site ...more

News : April is National Garden Month

April is National Garden Month, according to LAist. They offer 7 things you can do to celebrate, including starting a garden, planting food for the homeless, and taking a gardening class. Me? I need to do the following: Water the garden. Thank you, April showers! Assess what ...more

How To : Say the months of the year in Spanish

In this Spanish lesson, Larry Keim demonstrates how to say the months of the year, and how to say the date, and how to say your birthday. The pace is great so you should be learning in no time.

How To : Use your knuckles to remember days in a month

Keep forgetting how many days are in each month? Here is a handy trick you can bust out anytime you need to remember if this is and even or and odd month. After you master using your hands, try using your feet! Our ancestors just dragged them along the ground, but you can put ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 13 to 16 (Month 4)

There are different stages of pregnancy, and as you begin the second trimester, you'll notice some changes. You should be feeling more comfortable, and your baby's fetal development is progressing. Watch this video to learn more about pregnancy month 4! Health Guru is a site ...more

How To : Understand pregnancy, weeks 21 to 24 (Month 6)

Your second trimester is almost done by month 6, and big changes are taking place. Your baby has probably broken the one pound mark and you may also have started to notice some changes to your skin, like stretch marks. Watch this pregnancy video for more! Health Guru is a sit ...more

How To : Protect herbs in winter months

Evergreen bows, like Hemlock, can be placed over tender plants to protect them against cold, winter winds. Gently place them over the plant creating a tepee or tent form. It will allow some air circulation underneath so the protected plant doesn't rot but the Evergreen bows pr ...more

How To : Insulate pipes in your home for the winter months

If you live in an area where it gets really cold during winter, you may or may not know the importance of protecting your pipes. Not covering them with proper insulation can result in frozen pipes that are a pain to fix and can cost you a lot of money. So in this tutorial, you ...more

How To : Wear scarves for the winter months

In this tutorial, we learn how to wear scarves for the winter months. For a thinner scarf, you can wrap it around your neck all the way, so it's just a round neck holder. In the summer, you can use this same scarf with a button up and make a bow with it in the middle of the ch ...more

How To : Maintain a knife by sharpening it monthly

This video demonstrates how to sharpen a carbon steel knife using a whet stone. Depending on how much you use the knife and how you use it, the knife might need to be sharpened once a month or every other week. First the whet stone should be lubricated using water. Then place ...more

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