How To : Make a primitive fishing hook from wood or thorn

Learn how to make a primitive fishing hook / fishing gouge from completely natural materials in a wilderness survival situation. Learn how to survive in the wild. You never know when you'll be stranded on a desert island, lost in the deep woods, or be a contender for Survival, ...more

How To : Play Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" on guitar

Want to learn how to play Poison on the guitar? With this tutorial you can learn how to play "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison on the acoustic guitar. This version is a simplified version of the song and is not exactly how Poison plays it. This lesson is geared towards inte ...more

How To : Draw a crown of thorns

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw a crown of thorns. Users will need a sheet of paper and a drawing utensil. Begin by drawing 4 semi circles. Then link the 4 circles together to form 2 vein-like thorn weeds. Now add detail by adding a rope to bind the thorns to ...more

How To : Plant thornless blackberries in a container garden

Apache blackberries are a great type of blackberries to plant because they are thornless so you don't get pricked by any thorns when it is time to pick them. The blackberries bloom in June, the best time to plant them would be early April, otherwise you'll be waiting a year to ...more

How To : Craft hellstone bricks and thorn chakrum in Terraria

Check out this helpful video guide to learn how to use hellstone ore and a pick axe to craft hellstone brick. You'll also get the recipe for crafting a thorn chakrum for the underground jungle. Watch this video and put your Terraria craft bench to use.

How To : Kasumi Ishiki (King of Thorn)

Learn How to draw Kasumi Ishiki (King of Thorn) with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit how to draw Video: . .

HowTo : Eat Berries in the Wilderness

DO NOT eat a berry if you cannot identify it. I decided not to include the obvious blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, but this guide will assist you in identifying which wild berries are, in fact, poisonous. The best way to stay safe when looking for berries is keepin ...more

News : A Manicure That Will Make You Bleed

Nylon Magazine recreates world renown makeup artist Topolino's dangerous thorn manicure. (Topolino was a wiz who has worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen, among other fashion stars). Faran Krentcil guides us: Gather your thorns. "Take three roses and slice off their t ...more

News : Missions

Need help with a current mission or Planning for the future? Just so you know... You'll need 4 ribbons to get married, so collect those around the time you build your general store. Send a Ribbon After you get married, your husband will need to chop down 3 trees. And later ...more

How To : Play basic guitar chords

Our expert will demonstrate how to play a variety of popular songs on the acoustic guitar. He will teach you the basic chords for each song in the series and then give step-by-step instructions for playing each pop song on the acoustic guitar. Learn how to play all your favori ...more

How To : Make a decorative wreath from garden plants

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make decorative wreaths from garden plants. Users will need a wreath thorn. Users may choose to make the wreath or purchase it. Then add on some greenery such as bay leaf. Now place the greenery onto the thorn wreath and secure it b ...more

How To : Fix a flat tire on a bicycle

Have a flat tire on your bicycle? No problem... let High Altitude 2U help you out with their video tutorial. The best way to fix a flat is to avoid them, But how do you avoid flats? Keep your tires properly inflated. A bicycle tire should be pumped up to 40 - 60 psi. Put it ...more

News : Catapult Olympics

Similar to earlier submission I did with catapults, but this time there would be two or three catapults. Each of the guys would be put into one of those giant plastic hamster balls and then shot from the catapult at each other so they would hopefully hit in mid-air. Then roll ...more

How To : A Beginners Guide

I've created this guide to give you some ideas for how to progress quickly as well as some basics for how to operate FrontierVille. My tips are merely suggestions based on my experience and you are welcome to explore and play the game at your own pace. I hope you benefit from ...more

How To : Make a french spiral bouquet

To make a french spiral bouquet you first start with straight stemmed flowers such as roses. It is very important that you rid the stems of foliage such as leaves as well as removing all the thorns. You can do this by using a gardening glove or washcloth and sliding it down th ...more

How To : Prune roses and spot dead branches

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to prune roses. Users will need a pair of garden trimmers or cutters. Observe the rose stem and check to see if there are any thorns and if it has a black color. If it does, it needs to be cut. Then remove the mulch around the canes. W ...more

How To : Use a rose stem stripper

In this how to video, Sandy from shows you how to use rose stem strippers. Rose strippers remove the thorns from the stem easily, without damaging the bark on your rose stem. This makes it easier to handle roses when putting together a floral arrangement. Watch thi ...more

Scrabble Bingo of the Day : VERONICA

VERONICA n pl. -S a handkerchief bearing the image of Christ's face 63 points (13 points without the bingo) Veronica was the name given to the cloth veil that was supposedly impressed with an image of Jesus's face. The veil was given to Christ by Saint Veronica of Jerusalem ...more

How To : Protect your valuables from burglars

Keep your possessions safe from thieves with these tips. You Will Need * Motion detector lights * Locks * A locksmith * A security alarm system * A safety deposit box or home safe * An engraving pen * A trusted neighbor * Bolts or wooden dowels (optional) Step 1: Eliminate bu ...more

How To : Put together a fall flower arrangement with roses

The flower god demonstrates how to arrange a beautiful rose arrangement for your fall table. A dozen yellow roses, greenery and safflower are used to construct this masterpiece. To begin you need a vase filled with fresh clean water. The flower god shows how to lace the stems ...more

How To : Play "Gamma Ray" by Beck on guitar

Learn how to play "Gamma Ray" by Beck, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Trying to hold Hold out for now With these ice caps Melting down With the transistor sound And my Chevrolet terraplane Going round, round, round Co ...more

How To : Change a flat bike tire easily

In this video, Scott Paisley shows you how to change a flat bike tire. First, he will teach you how to find why the tire is flat, and how to make sure your tire is free of thorns or other debris that may flatten a new tube, should you put one in. Paisley demonstrates clearly a ...more

How To : Change a mountain bike tire out on the trail

This video shows you how to quickly change a mountain bike tire out on the trail. Remove the wheel from the fork. The tools you need are a pump, mini tool, a patch kit, a lever, and a spare tube. Remove the valve nut. Position the lever under the bead of the tire and work it ...more

How To : Arrange a dozen roses for a fall themed vase

In this video, the viewer will learn how to arrange a dozen roses for a fall-themed vase. You start out by putting warm water into the vase. Next, you weave the stems of various green foliage pieces and place them in the vase. Allow the green foliage to cascade over the edges ...more

How To : Make Christmas artichokes

How To Make Christmas Artichokes94 year old Clara teaches you how to make bread crumb stuffed artichokes for the holidays. Cut off thorns on the tips of each leaf with scissors. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Cut off the stem on the bottom at the base to prepare the ...more

News : OUCH

b in an open area like dessert for example, ..bam or whoever wants 2 will have to run for 100 yards or more,but u gonna have cannon balls not real ones but like ones that have thorns on them cactus thorns stuff like that, set up in both sides of dessert field ..make it like s ...more

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