Thread a Baby Ring Sling with an Open Tail

How To : Thread a baby ring sling with an open tail

This method of adjusting your sling is great for wearing your child in a front carry and hip carry fashion. Watch this how to video to learn how to thread a ring-sling with the tail open for maximum adjustability.

How To : Thread a ring baby sling

A baby sling is a comfortable, no-fuss way to carry your baby. In this how to video, learn how you can thread your ring baby sling and carry your baby in style.

How To : Nurse in your sakura bloom ring sling

Nursing a baby in the bloom ring ring sling is very simple and comfortable. While the baby is sitting in the sling their bottom will be at stomach level for you with the fabric stopping around the baby's knees. Support the babies weight with your hand and gently slide the top ...more

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