How To : Dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller

Learn the dance steps to Michael Jackson's Thriller. There are a lot of videos, but sit tight, because this is a very thorough video series. Most of the instructional clips are very short and do not need to be watched more than a few times. Be sure to click on each chapter to ...more

How To : Do the "Thriller" dance by Michael Jackson

In this step by step, three part tutorial, learn exactly how to perform Michael Jackson's most iconic dance, "Thriller". "Thriller" is representative of the birth of the music video and the dance has carried its way through generations. This Halloween, perform this number for ...more

How To : Dance to Thriller as a tribute to Michael Jackson

In this tutorial, we learn how to dance to Thriller as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Start off by moving around on the floor in the very beginning of the song, raising yourself up into the air. After this, you will start to walk left and right like you are a zombie, them walk ...more

News : Dance with inmates and zombies to Thriller

Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller is experiencing a revival. In the Phillipines, prisoners are undergoing rehabilitation through extensively choreographed dance. This video shows hundreds of orange suited inmates dancing in unison to Thriller. Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller ...more

How To : Write a compelling crime novel or thriller

While this video is aimed at the writer of a crime novel or thriller, you can use this advice to strengthen any fiction writing. Avoid stereotypical characters and create believable conflict between all the characters. And above all - make sure you have a good motive!

How To : Dance Michael Jackson's signature kick move

Lindyhopper49, a huge fan of the "King of Pop", will teach you how to dance like Michael Jackson. He's not a professional dancer, but he does have some great advice and information on how to to Jackson's most famous moves. This video tutorial will show you how to dance Michae ...more

How To : Dance glides from Michael Jackson's Moonwalk

Learn Michael Jackson Moonwalking! A how to dance tutorial showing you how to glide, float, and slide similar to Michael Jackson. Learn Gliding and Floating which are basic hip hop and popping dance moves. It is a fun, easy, and cool club dance move or just a move to get your ...more

How To : Draw a Michael Jackson sketch

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has changed the way audiophiles listen and create music. He's a very influential part of everyone, whether they know it or not. Pay tribute to the King of Pop by drawing a skillful sketch of him and his signature dance. DragoArt has this video ...more

News : Alan Wake Review

Looking back on Alan Wake, more than a year and a half after its release, it's still one of my favorite games. The graphics and ambience have held up well in comparison to any other story driven game, and it's still the best third-person horror game out there, in terms of game ...more

How To : Get your body bikini ready

Learn how to get your body bikini ready. Try these proven methods to get an awesome bathing suit bod. You Will Need * Self-discipline * A place to swim * A pedometer * A natural bristle body brush * A Zen attitude Step 1. Flatten your tummy For washboard abs, start pedali ...more

How To : Make hard cider from apples

This daring docu-drama explores the esoteric underground of hard-cider brewing. This fast paced thriller is sure to captivate the mind, and leave you on the edge of your seat. OK, it's just a video shot with a 3mp Cannon digital camera on video mode and edited with some lousy ...more

How To : Walkthrough Heavy Rain - Chapter 4: Sexy Girl

Back at the club, you meet a sexy girl, but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Who is the killer? Still don't know? Well, just remember, in Heavy Rain, when it rains, it pours, meaning, don't trust anyone. See how to beat Chapter 4 - Sexy Girl. Origami makes it to the video ...more

News : Alan Wake First Look

A first hands look at the first chapter of the game. "When the wife of best-selling writer Alan Wake disappears on their vacation, his serach turns up pages from a thriller he doesn't remember writing. A dark presence stalks the small town of Bright Falls-"  Suspense thrille ...more

Review : Zenge Is a Puzzle Game with a Creative Twist

Zenge came to my attention as a free game on the Google Play store — it will remain free until midnight, so anyone catching this review on the 25th, download it ASAP — but I imagine it would be worth the typical $0.99. While it can be mentally-frustrating to purchase a game — ...more

How To : Write a bestselling fantasy novel with tips

November is national Novel Writing Month, which means if you've been dreaming about penning a bestselling science fiction or fantasy thriller since you turned 10, now is the time to put pen to paper. Check out this video to learn how to write a fantasy novel with tips from a ...more

How To : Create Angelina Jolie's "SALT" cat eye makeup look

Angelina Jolie's action flick "SALT" has been steamrolled at the box office by Christopher Nolan's dream world thriller "Inception," but the picture has many merits that make it deserving of your hard-earned money the next time you hit the movie theater. Other than being the ...more

How To : Walkthrough Heavy Rain - Chapter 3: The Butterfly

Butterflies are usually sweet and innocent, but not in the downpour that is Heavy Rain. In this PS3 walkthrough, see what's up with the Butterfly and if you're ever going to catch the Origami Killer. See how to beat Chapter 3 - The Butterfly. Origami makes it to the video gam ...more

How To : Use some tricks in Alan Wake for the Xbox 360

With the release of Alan Wake, gamers were introduced to something they may have never seen before. This game is considered a full blown thriller that is sure to keep anyone on the edge of their seat. In this helpful tutorial from the awesome people at IGN, you'll find out how ...more

How To : Walkthrough Heavy Rain - Chapter 1: Father and Son

Nothing can beat a father and son. Check out this Heavy Rain video walkthrough for the PS3 on "Father and Son". Do you think you're getting closer to catching the murderous Origami Killer in this level? See how to beat Chapter 1 - Father and Son. Origami makes it to the video ...more

News : Red Nights

Here is the trailer for a very evocative new movie called Red Nights. (dir. Julien Carbon, Laurent Courtiaud, Hong Kong, China/France) This shocking debut by director duo Carbon and Courtiaud is a seductive cat-and-mouse thriller set in Hong Kong, about a woman’s obsessive de ...more

How To : Walkthrough Heavy Rain - Chapter 4: The Shark

in this episode of Heavy Rain, you confront the Shark. Just try not to get yourself killed when he pulls out that shotgun. Then, are you going to kill him, or are you not? See how to beat Chapter 4 - The Shark. Origami makes it to the video game world in the form of a killer. ...more

How To : Walkthrough Heavy Rain - Chapter 3: The Lizard

The city is full of reptiles, and in Heavy Rain, the lizard is the most treacherous of all. See if the lizard can get you one step closer to solving the murder mystery of the Origami Killer. Porcelain isn't what it used to be. See how to beat Chapter 3 - The Lizard. Origami m ...more

How To : Walkthrough Heavy Rain - Chapter 5: On the Loose

This is a steamy part of Heavy Rain for PS3. Steamy and sexy. But this is edited for nudity, so don't worry about seeing anything you shouldn't. See how to beat Chapter 5 - On the Loose. Origami makes it to the video game world in the form of a killer. In Heavy Rain on the Pl ...more

News : Polanski's Knife in the Water

Poland 1962 94 Min Black and White Polish Film Synopsis From The Auteurs: Roman Polanski’s first feature is a brilliant psychological thriller that many critics still consider among his greatest work. The story is simple, yet the implications of its characters’ emotions ...more

How To : Walkthrough Heavy Rain - Chapter 5: Killer's Place

Now that the identity of the Origami Killer has been revealed, it should be easy to find him. In this walkthrough of Heavy Rain (PS3), you'll be in the killer's apartment. See how to beat Chapter 5 - Killer's Place. Origami makes it to the video game world in the form of a ki ...more

News : Game box art - what to regular people think?

Funny video, sort of like the Jay Leno street questions segment. IGN asks regular people in San Francisco what they think a game is about based on the box art. They showed people different games and they gave really frank answers. My favorite is a woman that thought the game N ...more

News : Best Action Movies

ACTION MOVIES The Hunger Games (2012) Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match.Dir: Gary Ross With: Jennife ...more

News : All Good Things (2010)

Lots of white on white posters these days. The simplicity really strikes me with this poster design for "All Good Things" Lots of clever things in this design, including the interlocking OO to represent their marriage. Here is the movie trailer for "All Good Things" Here ar ...more

News : Catherine Trailer

It's great to see something that will probably never make it to the United States. This game from Atlus looks like a fancy art film. It's an adult thriller filled with murderous sheep-men and the American taboo: sex.

News : REVIEW - Day and Knight

Dumb but honest. Like a golden retriever covered in ketchup Cameron Diaz does what she can with what little she's given to work with in James Mangold's brainless, hyperactive and utterly rote spy-romance-thriller Knight and Day. Paired with the increasingly wooden, increasing ...more

News : Top Movies 2011

TOP MOVIES 2011 The Artist (2011) Hollywood, 1927: As silent movie star George Valentin wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him to fade into oblivion, he sparks with Peppy Miller, a young dancer set for a big break.Dir: Michel Hazanavicius With: Jean Dujard ...more

Real Brain Food : What Geniuses Actually Eat, Part 1

It's common knowledge that certain foods foster brain development, health, and memory. Fish almost always makes the list, as do any foods that are loaded with antioxidants like blueberries, nuts, whole grains, green tea, and dark chocolate. Spices like turmeric are being studi ...more

Ranked : The 9 Best Paid Puzzle Games for iPhone & Android

Puzzle games are great at giving your brain a workout while keeping things fun and killing time. They stimulate your noggin as you strategize and plan your next move, whether it's to keep your character from getting killed, or to get that special item to finally complete your ...more

News : How I Got Started with the HoloLens & NextReality

If you've been following NextReality, you've surely seen me around, or at least have seen my articles. My name is Jason Odom, aka Subere23, and it's about time for a formal introduction. My background primarily falls in the computer game industry, and I have co-owned a small ...more

News : 7 New Games Just Released for Chromecast

Now that Chromecast has taken the title of top-selling media streaming device and held onto it for well over a year, game developers absolutely have to take Google's $35 streaming stick seriously. As a result, we're starting to see big-time media and game companies throw their ...more

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