Tie a Tom Fool's Knot

How To : Tie a Tom Fool's Knot

Learn how to tie a Tom Fool's knot - this knot is a basis for a number of decorative and functional knots. This knot can be used in sailing, boating, general use, camping and bondage.

How To : Tie a Sheepshank from a Tom Fool's knot

Learn how to tie a Sheepshank using a Tom Fool's Knot as a base - This is a quick and stable means of tying a sheepshank knot. This is a fine knot for camping, climbing, sailing or Boy Scout training.

How To : Tie the fool's cuff knot

Check out this instructional knot tying video that demonstrates how to tie the Fool's Cuff knot. This is an attachment cuff for a winch that spreads the weight evenly and does not tighten up. This knot is useful for attaching towing gear or blocks to the winches. Learn how to ...more

How To : Tie your cigarette in a knot and still smoke it

This tutorial is a great way to fool your friends. In this video, learn how to basically beat up your cigarette and still be able to smoke it. By following this technique you can not only tie your cigarette in a knot, you can also smash it, step on it, kick it, basically do a ...more

How To : Prank someone in the bathroom

Add some bathroom pranks to your arsenal... watch this video tutorial to see how to prank someone in the bathroom. Wait until somebody goes into the bathroom, or any other room that had a door directly across from it, and make sure the door they go in opens in, not out. Now s ...more

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