Tie Timber and

How To : Tie knots with the Boy Scouts

Knot tying is the one of the first steps in becoming a well rounded, successful Boy Scout. Who better to learn from than the Boy Scouts themselves? Follow along with this knot tying guide to learn how to tie several knots. Click on the right hand menu to learn the following kn ...more

How To : Tie seven basic scout knots

How good of a scout were you? This how-to video goes over seven different knots that every boy scout should know how to tie. 7 knots every scout should know is filmed from the knot tying point of view. The bowline, clovehitch, sheetbend, tautline, timber hitch, square knot and ...more

How To : Tie a hitch knot

Get free knot tying instructions for tying various types of hitches, including the half hitch, clove hitch, timber hitch, and bunt hitch in this free video series of knot tying directions. Part 1 of 14 - How to Tie a hitch knot. Tie a hitch knot - Part 2 of 14. Click through t ...more

How To : Build backyard planters

Planters or organized beds with planter borders can not only provide mowing definition, but contain the flowers and hopefully keep out weeds that may grow into them from surrounding areas. Backyard planters can be big or small, permanent or portable. The simplest planters cons ...more

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