How To : Tie two ropes together with different knots

For those who didn't learn any knot-tying skills in scouts, or have forgotten them all now, this video demonstration shows how to do knots from basic to more advanced knots such as Sheet Bend, Fisherman's Knot, Square Knot and Thief's Knot. Knot tying is essential for camping, ...more

How To : Tie a Uni knot

In this video, you can learn how to tie a uni knot. He uses a snap-hook and a blue rope to demonstrates. He pulls the rope through the hook and makes a loop that crosses over the two pieces of rope. He pulls the rope through the hole six or eight times. Then pull on the hook t ...more

How To : Tie rope bends

Knots and rope bends are two different things in that bends are a way to tie two ropes together so you can easily untie them. Learn dozens of easy rope bends in this free rope bend video series. Part 1 of 25 - How to Tie rope bends. Tie rope bends - Part 2 of 25. Click through ...more

How To : Tie a blood knot

This video teaches you how to tie a blood knot which is used to tie two lines together in a very strong knot. Fly fisherman use this knot for making their own fly leaders. Wrap the right line around the left line five times. Take the end of the right line and put it in between ...more

How To : Tie the double fisherman's knot for boating

Watch this boating instructional video to learn how to tie the double fisherman's knot. The double fisherman's knot securely ties two ropes together or can be used to tie the ends of rope or cord together to form the loops. Another use for this knot is to make another baoting ...more

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