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How To : Get Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" look

Recently a poll on found that Audrey Hepburn is thought to be the most beautiful woman of all time. And we frankly don't disagree with that conclusion. The original street waif with the potential to turn into a gorgeous bombshell at the drop of a hat, Audrey He ...more

How To : Do a classic Audrey Hepburn inspired '60s updo

This gorgeous '60s hairstyle was inspired by the Audrey Hepburn film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." This look is quite elegant and suitable for formal events. Most importantly, it is very easy to create. As usual, certain hair accessories can be substituted such as a comb, a small ...more

News : Marie Antoinette Wigs Made With Miles of Plastic Wrap

Kate Cusak is resourceful. The artist makes Marie Antoinette wigs crafted entirely with saran wrap: “'There is an exciting ‘a-ha’ moment when someone realizes that there is more to my design then they initially expected,' Cusack says. 'I create polished, elegant work that the ...more

How To : Apply false eyelashes like a professional

Want to get a lengthier look for your lashes? In this how-to video hosted by makeup artist, TiffanyD, learn all about how to apply false eyelashes. In this tutorial, Tiffany uses MAC #35 lashes and she is using Duo adhesive glue to securely apply them to her lids. TiffanyD is ...more

How To : Mix up your clothes to create a unique look

There's never just one way to wear a shirt. For instance, you don't have to pair your crochet top with the same pair of acid wash blue jeans EVERY time, nor do you have to pair the same gold Tiffany's pendant with its matching Tiffany's bracelet. In fact, switching around what ...more

News : Old man Balls Drive By

So for this skit you have some dressed as the old person with only short shorts on so people they think that there pranking everyone around, they can be changing a tire on the side of the road with there balls hanging out, then as hes doing that you have a car do a drive by wi ...more

How To : Straighten your hair using a ghd pure

Tiffany shows how to straighten naturally curly, or even straight, hair in this beauty tutorial. To properly straighten you hair, you need to use the best of the tools available on the market today. This tutorial shows how to use the GHD Pure straightened. Before actually stra ...more

How To : Get perfect bridal makeup

Attention brides to be! Makeup artist, TiffanyD shows us one way to do makeup for your big day! Tiffany also lets us in on some tips to stay fresh and non-oily while walking down the aisle and for your all-important wedding photos! TiffanyD is a mass maker in wonderful make-u ...more

How To : Do powerlifting techniques

In this video series, let Tiffany Parks show you the basics of powerlifting. She begins by showing you how to stretch before lifting weights. Tiffany illustrates the proper way to do the bench press and squat. She also gives you tips to lift weights safely. Do powerlifting tec ...more

How To : Apply a fall green eyes makeup look

Tiffany D from Makeup by Tiffany D as seen on YouTube teaches how to apply a smoky fall green eyeshadow look to eyes. Apply a creasing product to the eyelid, and a black eyeshadow base then blend with a blending brush. Apply the first shade of green eyeshadow to lower middle a ...more

How To : Use cranberries & reds in your eye makeup

Learn the Cranberries inspired eyeshadow makeup tutorial by Tiffany Apply dark brown shade to the eyelid, covering the whole area of the eye. Lightly pat the cranberry eyeshadow to the applied brown eyeshadow to make a bright and shiny color. Create a thin line of the cranberr ...more

How To : Line neutral eyes with teal

Looking to try something new with more adventurous eyeliner colors? TiffanyD teaches how to line neutral eyes with the color teal. Tiffany used MAC's Mineralized Eye Shadow and some sparkly teal eyeliner. TiffanyD is a mass maker in wonderful make-up how to videos! Be sure to ...more

How To : Get a warm makeup look with purples using MAC & CS

In this video, Tiffany instructs how to get a warm makeup look with purples. First, apply a primer that matches your skin tone, or use a concealer. Next, apply a purple frosted gel liner to your eyelids using a small brush, applying all over the eyelid. Next, take a darker plu ...more

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