How To : Use Flex Photo Viewer on Google Code

This is a simple Adobe Flex Photo Viewer. It uses a number of techniques that are not found in any one place in the literature - data shorting, tile repeater, xml http services, inline mxml actionscripting, click on double functions, use of CDATA Tags, tooltip, glow and fade e ...more

How To : Achieve good soldering joints

Learn how to solder wires with this video. Clean the area to be soldered, scraping the wire down to bare metal and then wiping it clean with alcohol or acetone. Use rosin-core solder for electronic applications. This solder normally comes in coils. Tin (coat with solder) the s ...more

How To : Edit form fields in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Learn how to edit form fields in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Start by looking at a automated form that has some errors in the field of gender and marital status. To correct click on forms add or edit fields. Click on the field that needs correcting and figure out the error. Rename th ...more

How To : Use a power screwdriver

In this online video series learn from power tool expert and Industrial Technology teacher Jon Olson as he teaches and demonstrates how to use and maintain the power screwdriver. Learn important power tool tips and techniques such as construction work area safety, electrical s ...more

How To : Use Fireworks CS4 layout tools

Fireworks CS4 has some new and improved layout features to take advantage of. This Fireworks CS4 video covers: display rulers, traditional guides, the new tool tips feature, smart guides, and align panel improvements. See how to use these new layout tool features in Fireworks ...more

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