Train a Horse to Ride

How To : Train a horse to jump

Spotting the difficulty level of an equestrian challenge course is key before riding. Practice judging challenge courses with a riding instructor in this free horse jumping video. Part 1 of 20 - How to Train a horse to jump. Train a horse to jump - Part 2 of 20. Click through ...more

How To : Ride a horse with one rein

Start your new horse with one rein and a rope halter. It makes sure your cues are clear and doesn't confuse them. The first thing to do is make sure the horse is desensitized to the rope. You should be able to toss the rope up and around its head and not have it respond advers ...more

How To : Train a horse not to kick you

Horses don't kick their owners and handlers unless they think it is okay, or unless they think there won't be any repercussions for their actions. The gentleman in this video shows you that being gentle with your horse can go a long way! The key, he says, is in the handling. ...more

How To : Ride a horse western saddle

If you are learning how to ride a horse, one of the most important things you'll need is the ability to use a saddle. In this tutorial, you will learn how to saddle up Western style and start riding like a real cowboy. This video is hosted by Jeremy, the wrangler at Vickers Du ...more

How To : Safely ride a horse

Check out this how-to video to ride a horse. Watch an experienced rider show you what to do and what not to do: DON'T walk behind or under a horse--you could easily get kicked or stepped on.

How To : Ride a horse if you're a beginner

In this video from jumper881 we learn how to ride a horse for beginners. First mount the horse by putting your left foot into the left stirrup. Then grab onto the saddle and pull yourself up. Then hold your reigns with your pinky on the outside and your ring finger on the othe ...more

How To : Ride a horse with some basic instruction

In this Outdoor Recreation video tutorial you will learn how to ride a horse with some basic instructions. This video is from Livestrong. The first lesson is how to create a correct back position that enhances our ability to stay balanced in a saddle. You should create a strai ...more

How To : Ride a horse on difficult terrain

Riding a horse is one of the most fun outdoor activities you can do. They're fast, fun, friendly animals and provide tons of exercise. If you are used to only riding your horse around a farm or riding path, you may not be prepared for rougher terrain. For example, riding a hor ...more

How To : Ride a horse if you are a beginner

Horseback riding is one of the most fun outdoor activities you can do, and is a perfect summer pasttime. If you have never ridden before, you should check out this tutorial and see if it is something you would be interested in. This video will show you step by step how to star ...more

How To : Ride your horse at a walk

In this video series, watch as Kelli LaBar teaches how to ride a horse at a walk, Get tips on one handed and two handed techniques for turning, reversing, and halting a horse. Part 1 of 15 - How to Ride your horse at a walk. Ride your horse at a walk - Part 2 of 15. Click thro ...more

How To : Ride a horse Western style

In this video series, watch as Kelli LaBar teaches how to ride a horse in the Western style. Learn the different transitions and commands necessary for horseback riding. Part 1 of 15 - How to Ride a horse Western style. Ride a horse Western style - Part 2 of 15. Click through ...more

How To : Train your horse to lunge

In this video series, learn how to lunge a horse freely. Learn how to use the whip and train a horse. Part 1 of 15 - How to Train your horse to lunge. Train your horse to lunge - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on Train your horse to lunge - P ...more

How To : Train your horse to lunge on a line

In this video series, learn how to lunge a horse. Get tips on training a horse to walk, trot, and canter on a line. Part 1 of 15 - How to Train your horse to lunge on a line. Train your horse to lunge on a line - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage ...more

How To : Train a horse for equestrian speed events

Equestrian events have been a part of the Olympic games since 1900. Learn how to train a horse for various equestrain speed events with tips from an expert horse trainer in this free equestrian video series. Part 1 of 9 - How to Train a horse for equestrian speed events. Train ...more

How To : Train a horse to lower its head

This video teaches us the method to train a horse to lower its head. You will need a horse with lead rope tied to it. Start the training by holding the lead rope. Apply pressure on the rope in the downward direction. Hold the rope in that position by resting one of your arm on ...more

How To : Ride English style on a horse

In this video series, watch as Kelli LaBar teaches how to ride a horse in an English style. Learn how to transition speeds and movements. Part 1 of 15 - How to Ride English style on a horse. Ride English style on a horse - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on exp ...more

How to Play Dead Space 2 : Achievement & Trophy Guide

It's currently 2011, but when you fire up your game console, put your hands on the controller and play the new Dead Space 2 video game, you're warped into the future— into the year 2511— just 3 years after the events that took place in the first Dead Space. And it's sure to be ...more

How To : Mount a Horse

The first lesson you'll need to learn if you want to ride a horse is how to get on it. Attention amateur equestrians-you've got to know how to mount that horse if you want to learn how to ride. Whether you want to be a cowboy, cowgirl, or an English rider, this video riding le ...more

How To : Sack out and desensitize a horse

In this video tutorial from thinklikeahorse you will learn how to Sack out and desensitize a horse. It is about removing fear from the horse and not creating fear. By this the horse learns not to react instinctively to its fear. This also enables you to read your horse. You fi ...more

Red Dead Redemption : An introduction to the times

Here is the introduction sequence for the game, it's one of the best for this generation: The arrival of the player is mirrored by the arrival of the riverboat, as if the player is getting off the boat to a new location just like the characters. The piano music at the beginnin ...more

How To : Saddle a horse, English style

Whether you are out hunting or thinking about joining a derby, you will need to learn to ride a horse first. Before you can ride, you need to saddle the horse. Check out this tutorial for information on how to saddle your pony English style, and then head out and find yourself ...more

How To : Care for your horse

This video explains how to handle and take care of a horse. Always approach a horse quietly so that you don’t startle him. Talk to him and pet his neck. Horses are social animals and react well to being spoken to in soft soothing tones. In addition to voice and body signals ...more

How To : Use direct and indirect reining

Rick Gore explains the differences between direct reining and indirect reining to have better control over the horse and have him go where you desire. Direct reining, also referred as plow reining, is when pressure is applied directly to the horse by pulling the rein. Apply as ...more

News : Wild West Theme

Update 9-9 1 day free gift: Farmhands! You can now find slop while visiting your neighbors farms and post it on their wall. New mini horse, new crop, and a train set! Crop Animals Buildings Train Station - its smaller than the train! Wild West Ranch Tipi Decorations ...more

How To : Fit a helmet for horseback riding

Christy Lendwehr and Julie Goodnight from the Certified Horsemanship Association explain how to know when you have a fitting and correctly adjusted horse riding helmet. First and foremost, you should wear your helmet every time you ride and you should be sure that is a ASTM SE ...more

How To : Perform a safety check before horseback riding

In this how-to video, you will learn how to perform a safety check before riding your horse. Do your check on both sides. Go to the off-side first. When you go around, make sure that there is no wear or tear on parts where metal and leather connect. Go back and check different ...more

Walkthrough Assassin's Creed 2 : Mission 21

What Goes Around: Comes around. Maybe. See for yourself. You can talk to Claudia in her room on the second floor of the mansion for a bit of dialog, but no mission. Next, go to the south end of town and exit the gate to find a stable of horses just outside. Hop aboard one of t ...more

News : Farmville Halloween Theme

10-28 Update Animals Robot Cow - 105xp. Makes Robot Calf Witch Cat - 70xp Building The haunted house that gives candy is now storable, click on it for the option. Haunted Castle - 10x9 units Decorations Raven - 1x1 units Gargoyle Gate - 1x5 Wizard Gnome - 1x1 units ...more

How To : Keep your backpack safe while traveling by train

In this video, we learn how to keep your backpack safe while riding on trains in Europe with Scott Dean. When you're on a long train ride, there are high chances your bag could get stolen while on a train. If you have to leave your bag in the back, make sure you use a bag lock ...more

How To : Care for horses

In this video series, our expert will show you how to groom and care for a horse. Learn great tips for buying a healthy horse, grooming the horse's head, body and tail, and care for horse hooves. You will also learn about horse care equipment, what and how to feed a horse, how ...more

News : Absolom Recreation - hung by hair in Tree

For those who haven't read their Bible, this is how one of Kind David's sons died. His hair was too long, and as he was riding a horse under a tree, his hair became entangled and he broke his neck. We need a jack-ass volunteer with long hair to ride a horse under a low hanging ...more

News : Mad Cow Meat Joust

Build wooden horses for the boys to joust on. The horses are built from the shoulder up so they can be ridden low rider style, (and a fall won't totally take out a cast member. But if you feel like making scale wooden horses, be my guest.). The horses must have some sort of ha ...more

News : Spring Horse Rodeo

Ok, here is what I was thinking. You take a classic toy that most of us know as a child the horse with the springs that we all played on at one time or another. Then we strap that to a truck or trailer. Then we ride through the desert or dunes and try to hold on for as long as ...more

How To : Ride a bicycle without training wheels (for kids)

Sick of those training wheels on your bike? Take the next step and get rid of them! Check out this video tutorial on how to ride a bicycle without training wheels (for kids). Ann-T shows you how to learn to ride your bike solo easily and quickly without those learning stabili ...more

How To : Practice proper horse-riding etiquette on the trail

Gallatin Valley Back Country Horsemen present this video tutorial on trail etiquette. Learn what to do when you meet horses on the trail. Watch this instructional video and learn the how to practice proper horse-riding etiquette while out on the trail.

How To : Saddle your horse for riding

How to saddle your horse for riding To saddle your horse start with the pad. Fold the pad in half and put your fingers in the fold. Put the pad high up on the horses neck and slide it down into place. Use your fingers to make sure that the pad is centered on the horses back. G ...more

How To : Practice adaptive horse riding

There are numerous opportunities for people with various disabilities to participate in horse riding. Learn about adaptive horse riding from an equestrian program manager in this free sports and recreation video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Practice adaptive horse riding. Pra ...more

How To : Begin groundwork training a horse

Get horse-training experience before beginning ground work with young horses. Learn how to begin ground work training with young horses in this free horse training video. Part 1 of 16 - How to Begin groundwork training a horse. Begin groundwork training a horse - Part 2 of 16. ...more

How To : Pick a horse at the racetrack

Learn how to pick a horse at the racetrack. Sure, you could just go with your gut. But if you want better odds, make your decision based on these factors. You Will Need * Information about the horse * Information about his trainer * Information about his jockey * Your own o ...more

Red Dead Review part 1 : Sandbox Gameplay

Red Dead Redemption is hard to pin down in game play and story. The game offers this massive multi-layered world in which the player can roam freely, offering plenty of challenges, beautiful graphics and atmosphere for the player to experience. Yet after some point the whole w ...more

How To : Watch the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials Online

It's that time of year again when pizza boxes line the room and buffalo wings stain the couch. When cases of beer sit in the cooler and the big screen TVs are fired up and properly calibrated. When two of the best football teams vie for the championship title and the Vince Lom ...more

How To : Teach a horse to jog and canter under saddle

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to teach a horse to jog and canter under saddle. In order to teach the horse anything under saddle when you're riding them, you need to make sure that they can follow the commands on the ground. You need good groundwork before using co ...more

News : A day at the fair ground!

Everybody loves a good fair ground ride and so why not give them something to panic about more than a few bloody pranks? Pranks: 'The water, it burns!!' : Two friends or one person will go on a water ride, preferably in a carriage with other people they don't know or if they ...more

How To : Teach a horse to neck rein

Neck reining is a method of guiding your horse. In this tutorial, you will be taught exactly what a neck rein is and how to perform one. Most people think they know what a neck rein is but they are actually wrong. If you would like to know the right way to rein your horse, fol ...more

How To : Stop a horse from walking off when you mount

Rick Gore tells us how to stop a horse from walking off when you mount. The reason why a horse walks off when you mount it, it's because you trained it that way, when you've mounted previously you would allow it to mount off. Also when you mount you cause the horse to lose it' ...more

How To : Dissect a Mare Reproductive Tract

The reproductive tract of a mare is suspended by the broad ligament. If you're a veterinarian in training, or just curious of the anatomy of the female equine reproductive tract, then these two video dissection tutorials are for you. You'll see the mesometrium is the mesenter ...more

How To : Play Better in Counter Strike Source

So You're New to Counter Strike Source? So you're new to Counter Strike Source and you want to improve your gameplay? Great. You've come to the right place. The first step to improving your game is to admit that you are a NEWB or NEWBIE. Do not confuse this with NOOB. A "new ...more

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