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How To : Train dogs not to jump on people

Elise McMahon talks in this series of videos about how to train your dog not to jump on people. Part 1 of 15 - How to Train dogs not to jump on people. Train dogs not to jump on people - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on Train dogs not to jum ...more

How To : Use trained dogs to get rid of bed bugs

Trained dogs may be used to help eradicate bed bugs. A sign that your home is infested with bed bugs is the presence of bites. If bites appear in a straight line, on the skin, then that's a classic sign of bed bug bites. Trained dogs are able to pinpoint the bed bug infestatio ...more

How To : Train a guide dog

Guide dogs are trained to help the visually impaired or people who are completely blind. Learn how guide dogs are trained from a training expert in this free educational video series. Part 1 of 12 - How to Train a guide dog. Train a guide dog - Part 2 of 12. Click through to w ...more

How To : Train a pet dog to heel

The finish command can be taught using the word "heel" to mean that the dog should come sit by the left side of the owner. The "heel" command can thus be used while walking, and also while standing. Learn how to get a dog to heal by watching this video pet training tutorial. P ...more

How To : Train a drug dog

Ray Varner has trained dogs for more than 30 years, starting with the Air Force and currently with various police departments. He discusses in this series of videos how to train a drug dog. Part 1 of 10 - How to Train a drug dog. Train a drug dog - Part 2 of 10. Click through ...more

How To : Crate train puppies and dogs

Here is a general information video on crate training for dogs and puppies. It contains instructional information and explains the benefits of crate training. Part 1 of 2 - How to Crate train puppies and dogs. Part 2 of 2 - How to Crate train puppies and dogs.

How To : Train dogs to weave though legs

This is a quick video tutorial on how to teach weaving through the legs using luring or shaping. This dog training video helps train your pup to weave through your legs. This is a basic step in teaching dogs agility for courses and competition. Einstein demos how fast a dog c ...more

How To : Agility train dogs

Elise Paffrath began her dog agility career in the early 1970s. Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs a dog without a leash through an obstacle course in a set amount of time. Part 1 of 14 - How to Agility train dogs. Agility train dogs - Part 2 of 14. Click throug ...more

How To : Training a dog to catch a frisbee

Teach a dog to catch Frisbees in the right environment with plenty of practice. Learn how to teach a dog to catch a Frisbee in this free training video for dog and pet owners. Part 1 of 10 - How to Training a dog to catch a frisbee. Training a dog to catch a frisbee - Part 2 o ...more

How To : Training a dog to catch a treat

Teaching a dog to catch a treat can be a fun exercise. Learn about training dogs to catch small items in this free obedience video series for pet owners. Part 1 of 10 - How to Training a dog to catch a treat. Training a dog to catch a treat - Part 2 of 10. Click through to wat ...more

How To : House train your new puppy or rescue dog

House training your dog consists of two parts - teaching your dog where it is okay to go, and preventing it from going where you don't want him to go. This tutorial shows you how to use click training to house train your new dog.

How To : Potty train and housebreak a dog

In this tutorial, we learn how to potty train and housebreak a dog. There are a lot of techniques out there, but you will want to do in the most fast and effective manor. Some pet owners want to paper train their puppies. This may work, but it will take longer to get your pupp ...more

How To : Teach your dog his name using clicker training

One of the most important lessons to teach your dog is simply to teach him to recognize his name. Usually dogs will pick it up within a few days if you use it often, but other times, depending on the dog, it's not as easy. If your dog is having a hard time learning his name, ...more

News : Train a cat like Pavlov's dog

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be really good. Jack Nicholson was appealingly disturbed in As Good as it Gets. I bought a script about an intriguing OCD detective named Monk. His OCD made him magnetic and brilliant. Well, this next tutorial takes the cake. HowTo teach your ...more

How To : Teach a dog the stay command

Learn how to train your dog to "Stay" with this quick dog training video will teach your how to train your dog to "Stay." Positive reinforcement training works as well with training a dog to stay as with anything else. Learn how to teach a dog the stay command by watching this ...more

How To : Stop your dog from jumping on you with a clicker

Dogs love their owners and will sometimes leap up in anticipation onto you. While pleasant for owners, strangers and friends might find the action uncomfortable or even intimidating if you have a larger dog like a German Shephard. Prevent your dog from scaring away your socia ...more

How To : Teach a dog to walk on their hind legs

This video dog training tutorial is lesson on teaching your dog to walk on their hind legs. To train a dog to walk on their legs using this method, the dog will need to be clicker trained and will also need to be able to able to beg. Watch this instructional video and learn ho ...more

How To : Teach your dog to do the Bo Obama fist bump

In honor of the Obamas' new furry friend and as a remembrance of the fist bump heard 'round the world, a dog behaviorist shows you how to train your dog to do the fist bump. This is a perfect pet trick for any dog, Portuguese Water Dog or otherwise. Bo Obama is the most acroba ...more

How To : Teach your dog to heel

Teaching your dog to heel will make walks more fun and relaxing for both of you. Watch this video to learn how to train your dog. You will need treats, a leash, a collar and patience! Tips: for training, choose soft, small treats that you don't give your dog normally.

How To : Teach a dog to rollover

Dog tricks are a great way to improve the bond between the owner and the pet. The rollover is a simple trick to train a dog to do with just a little bit of positioning. Learn how to teach a dog to rollover by watching this video pet training tutorial.

How To : Teach a dog to play tug of war

Some trainers argue that playing tug of war is not healthy for a dog. It can be a battle of strength between a dog and owner, that the dog might think they control. However, tug of war can be a great way to train a dog a release command that can be useful in day to day situati ...more

How To : Get your dog interested in frisbee

Dog trainer Zak George shows how to train your dog to chase your Frisbee. Start by tying your dog to a very long leash. This way, you will be able to control her, and you want to be able to bring her back. By being low on the ground, get your dog interested by showing her the ...more

How To : Prevent a new puppy from play biting

In this how-to video, you will learn how to prevent your new puppy from play biting. In the first 12 weeks, your puppy will start to bite. Encourage the puppy to lick your hand rather than bite. If the dog accidentally bites you, mimic the sound of a dog yelping. This will mak ...more

How To : Teach a freestyle move hurdle dog trick

Here is a quick how-to video showing how to teach this very cool canine freestyle trick; hurdles. A clicker is quite hard to hold during this exercise and it clicks right under the dog which can make them confused. If possible, you can get a friend to help mark the behavior. C ...more

How To : Solve dog counter surfing with a clicker

It's a timeless doggie no-no, and one that has been paradied in numerous dog scenes in movies: A plate of delicious fried, steaming food is left by the owner on the table. The owner then leaves for a brief moment. His dog, smelling the delicious goodness, seizes the moment and ...more

How To : Teach a dog agility exercises

Learn how to train your dog for an agility course for exercise, obedience, show or competition. Teach them techniques on agility obstacles, such as Chute, Table, Tire, Tunnel, See-Saw, Jumping and other moves in this free video series and guide. Part 1 of 14 - How to Teach a d ...more

How To : Exercise your dog

Learn how to exercise your dog. Follow a regular exercise routine together with your pet. It will benefit you both! You Will Need * A leash * A collar * Plastic waste bags * A collapsible dog bowl * A water bottle * A leash * A collar * Plastic waste bags * A collapsible dog ...more

How To : Teach your dog how to sit on your command

A dog who constantly follows you around the house wagging his tail is a dog who really likes you (or is hungry), but sometimes you're tired and just want your dog to sit and be still for once. Teaching a dog to sit is one of the most basic obedience training tricks out there, ...more

How To : Teach your dog the perfect "STAY"

This is the most important thing that a dog should know. In this video will learn the fundamentals of how to begin to teach this. It is by no means entirely conclusive to the training that is involved in teaching stay. Tab with his German Shepherd "Solea" demonstrate the do's ...more

How To : Communicate with your dog

Check out this lesson on how to understand your dog and train her to listen. This video will show you how to use a clicker to communicate with your dog. It will also show you how to teach your dog the "Leave It" command. This is a helpful video for training puppies and older d ...more

How To : Teach your pet bird some manners

In this tutorial, pet expert Marc Morrone teaches you how to teach your feathered friends some manners so that they don't squawk all day and night. Parrots and other exotic birds are essentially wild animals kept in captivity and are not domesticated like dogs and cats, so the ...more

How To : Train birds with B.F. Skinner's shaping methods

This is footage from B.F. Skinner's psychological tests on shaping behavior. The differential reinforcement of successive approximations, or more commonly, shaping is a conditioning procedure used primarily in the experimental analysis of behavior. It was introduced by B.F. S ...more

How To : Stop your dog's excessive barking

In this how-to video, you will learn how to stop your dog from barking excessively. Dog's bark naturally. It becomes a problem when your dog barks too much. First, determine the reason why your dog is barking in the first place. From this, you can determine the next step. If y ...more

How To : Train a German Shepherd

First in the training for a German Shepherd is that your dog should start the very first day you bring your German Shepherd puppy or adult home. In general, Dog obedience training benefits are to give proper mental and physical activities. Secondly, there should be existence o ...more

How To : Train a pitbull

From Dogmantics, dog trainer Emily Larlham visits pitbull specialist, Jessica Wheatcraft to get some tips on how to understand and train your pitbull. . "Pitbulls have been given a bad rap by the media and irresponsible, even abusive owners. This episode of Dogmantics focuses ...more

How To : Teach a small dog to jump up on command

Teach your dog to leap into your arms with this free dog training lesson. This trick is particularly well suited for canines who are reluctant to approach upon being called. The training process is simple. So simple, in fact, that a complete overview can be presented in just o ...more

How To : Stop your dog from barking in the crate

Training your dog takes a lot of patience. It also requires you to put up with a whole lot of unwanted barking. Unless you're deaf or plan to be some time soon, training your dog to stop barking in the crate will make life a lot easier on you. This tutorial video will show you ...more

How To : Use social contact to establish leadership over a dog

Social contact is important in establishing yourself as the "alpha" in your dog's eyes. Don't forget to learn this important dog training step. Watch this video pet training tutorial and learn how to use social contact to establish leadership over a pet dog.

How To : Teach a dog to roll over and play dead

This video pet training tutorial shows how to teach a dog how to roll over and play dead. This method relies on lure training, which means the dog will be rewarded with a treat when the dog has performed the trick. It takes time, patience, and consistency, but over time any do ...more

How To : Train a labrador puppy in two days

In this video, we learn how to train a Labrador puppy in just two days with Adam Katz. First, the "no bark" technique is taught. You will need to first teach your dog hot to sit properly by giving it treats whenever it listens to you properly. After this, you will teach your d ...more

How To : Teach your dog crazy tricks

Dogs are smart. We don't need to punish them every time they don't do a trick. Through positive reinforcement training, dogs can learn almost anything. From Dogmantics, dog trainer Emily Larlham shows a few tricks she taught her dog! Dogmantics is dedicated to your pup! From ...more

How To : Never get busted by narcotic detector dogs

In a preview of NEVER GET BUSTED, Barry Cooper explains more about the habits & training of narcotic detector dogs. These are highly trained animals built to sniff out drugs like pot/marijuana, cocaine, heroine, crack, methamphetamines and the like. This canine cop is unlike a ...more

How To : Train a pet cockatiel to do tricks

Birds can be taught to perform tricks, just like dogs. This video tutorial shows techniques for how instruct a pet cockatiel to follow simple commands. Learn how to train a Cockatiel to do tricks by watching a professional parrot trainer show you step-by-step how he taught his ...more

How To : Desensitize your dog to a muzzle

Dee from Applause Your Paws Dog Training demonstrates how to desensitize your dog to a muzzle by using a hand-feeding ritual with your dog on a daily basis for a week. The objective is to have your dog work for its food instead of feeding him from a bowl. In other words, you w ...more

How To : Kill bed bugs with Bed Bug Dogs

In this video, we learn how to kill bed bugs with bed bug dogs. There are now upcoming kinds of K9 dogs that are specifically trained to smell the scent of bed bugs. This is a great tool to use to detect early on if your room has bed bugs in it. If you don't have bed bugs alre ...more

How To : Teach your dog to "lay down"

Get some tips and tricks to helping your dog become a well-obedient and well-trained dog. Watch this video tutorial to see how to teach your dog to "lay down". Take some dog treats and your dog into a quiet room. Hold a treat just in front of your dog's nose. Slowly draw it d ...more

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