How To : Use the effects and transitions in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X has all new effects and transitions that no other video editing software has. This is your video guide to all of the things you can with FCP X on your Apple computer. Learn about the adding Boca effects, aged paper effects, and more.

How To : Add dissolves & transitions using Final Cut Pro

Once you've arranged your clips on the Final Cut Pro timeline you may want to add transitions between them. Adding dissolves and other effects to clips helps to create a smooth transition in your videos. They can also be fun and creative.

How To : Use the gradient wipe transition in Final Cut Pro

In this Final Cut Pro tutorial, Richard Harrington takes a look at the gradient wipe transition. The gradient wipe transition is a highly customizable transition using greyscale patterns to create your own custom wipes. Creative Cow is a support community for digital video, v ...more

How To : Use Alpha Transitions in Final Cut Pro 7

In this FCP-user's tutorial, you'll learn how to create and apply Alpha Transitions in Final Cut Pro 7. Whether you're new to Apple's Final Cut Pro non-linear video editor or just want to better acquaint yourself with the popular video editing program, you're sure to benefit f ...more

How To : Use green screens in Final Cut Pro

Here is a Final Cut Studio software suite tutorial on how to use the green screen function in Final Cut Pro. Footage that has been shot on a green screen can be brought in and isolated with Chroma Key settings. Once you have your subject removed from the green screen backgroun ...more

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