Travis Pastrana

News : Travis Pastrana Flies Cars

Our Thrillbilly-Tricycle-Flip hero is back, and never fails to astound. Travis Pastrana is both an X-Games gold medalist and star of MTV show Nitro Circus. The daredevil kicks ass at supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, base jumping and rally racing. This time Pastran ...more

News : World's First EVER Monster Truck Backflip

Last year WonderHowTo's favorite daredevil Travis Pastrana attempted to land the world's very first monster truck backflip. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out as he had hoped. Here's what happened: Now, one year later, Pastrana's fellow Nitro Circus stuntman, Cam McQueen, ...more

News : Thrillbilly-Tricycle-Flip

Travis Pastrana is an extreme sports nut, competing (and winning) X Games events such as motocross, freestyle motocross, supercross, and rally racing. In this Thrillbillies clip, Pastrana flips a big wheel at incredible speed over a 50-foot stretch (while donning a pinstripe s ...more

News : Parachute

Ask someone to come on a plane to film or something so that when other people are jumping, he won't be jumping, so he will not have a parachute on, so what you do is you push him out of the plane without a parachute and then do like Travis Pastrana and go rescue him in mid air ...more

News : Super Mega Slip N' Slide!

So, you guys have had great fun on a slip and slide before, and since you have gone large with the Poo Cocktail Supreme, how about SUPER MEGA SLIP N' SLIDE!! The Idea is simple, Mega ramp, covered in plastic sheet, all oiled up. What could possibly go wrong? then invite eve ...more

News : Motocross Madman Gambles With Life

Motocross world record holder Robbie Maddison recently jumped a 278 foot wide ravine, 330 feet above the water. More than a little risky, to say the least. Via Newslite: "Maddison made his jump across the Corinth Canal in Greece yesterday, by driving up a ramp at a speed of ...more

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