How To : Build a treadmill desk

This is a great way to turn your treadmill into a walk station quickly and cost effectively. You only need a few things for this project: a tape measure, four shelf mounting brackets, screws, a drill, and a shelf. Your first step is to assess the length of the shelf you will n ...more

How To : Lubricate your treadmill to improve performance

For many people the home treadmill is a daily ritual of taking care of the body, and that's great. Why not take care of the treadmill just as well? Watch this video to learn how to lubricate your treadmill belt and how much that can improve the performance of your treadmill.

How To : Use a treadmill

Treadmills allow users to walk or run regardless of the weather. Many treadmills also provide specific information, such as speed, distance, calories burned and time elapsed. Learn how to use a treadmill from a trainer in this exercise tutorial. When you use a treadmill you sh ...more

How To : Do the "sixes & sevens" treadmill workout

Follow along as Budd Coates shows us a workout designed to teach us to run faster over tough inclines. The workout is called Sixes and Sevens. -After a 15-20 minute workout on the treadmill increase the incline of the treadmill to 6%. We are going to do this at a Marathon Pace ...more

News : The Carpet treadmill prank

Youll need a large amount of carpet and one or a few treadmills. Find or creat a hallway Dismantal treadmill so that the belt and engine are still functional. Attack carpet to belt. Place in hallway Conceal new version of treadmill. So that it isnt noticeable Make a trigger so ...more

News : Treadmill Bowling

Treadmill bowling you turn up a treadmill all the way and then u jump on it and fly into the bowling pins (your jackass crew)

How To : Dance your ass off

Why sweat through a boring exercise routine when you can achieve the same results while having fun? You Will Need * Dance classes or DVDs * Space to dance at home * A partner (optional) Step 1 Sign up for Zumba, a fitness class that combines moves from salsa, samba, merengue, ...more

How To : Do high intensity interval training for beginners

Personal fitness coach Yuri Elkaim demonstrates how to do high intensity interval training for beginners on treadmills. Start out with a light walk on a treadmill for about three to five minutes. From a walk, do a low grade jog for 30 seconds. Then, switch to a minute and a ha ...more

How To : Make a wind-powered generator with MAKE magazine

MAKE magazine never fails to amaze. And this time, John Park tackles a DIY wind-powered generator—and he shows you how to do it! Before you start watching the video tutorial, make sure to download the PDF of this project for reference. So you want to build this wind-powered g ...more

How To : Know if you have the underpronation gait pattern

When the foot does not roll inward enough after the outside of the heel hits the ground, this results in Underpronation. The act of underpronation is visually depicted by an individual running on a treadmill; as the runner slows down via slow motion, one can see that the exces ...more

How To : Expand your vocal range to hit high notes

Everyone dreams of hitting the high notes as a singer, right? With all of the competition out there today, it makes sense that artists would want to 'out-belt' the others. In this tutorial, learn how to expand your vocal range and hit higher and higher notes. These exercises w ...more

How To : Work Less & Get More Accomplished

From our work life to our home life, we have an awful lot of projects, tasks, and activities that require more productivity than play. After working for an entire day in the office, no one wants to face even more that needs to be done at home. However, there's a trick to avoi ...more

News : LEGO BiPed Robot takes a Stroll

This NXT Mindstorm LEGO robot can actually walk on a treadmill. Quite an amazing feet. Nicknamed "Pinocchio" the Department of Biomechanics at the FSU Jena created it.

How To : Do interval exercises to build muscle in your legs

This video shows you how to do interval exercises to build muscle in your legs. Darin Steen, creator of the Fat Loss Lifestyle 12-Week Body Transformation Program, shows you how to do the king of all leg exercises... The Squat! Not just any squat, the smith machine back squat. ...more

How To : Do interval cardio training

In this tutorial, we learn how to do interval cardio training. Start off on the treadmill going at a pace that is easy for you. Increase the intensity of the treadmill every two minutes. After two more minutes go back to normal. Continue doing this raising your intensity each ...more

News : Exercise Makes Me Tired

I just got my first Christmas gift to myself today. I have to say I do often just get myself a few items. It's the only time of the year I buy anything. So to myself I gave a pilates dvd. I did it this morning and now feel like taking a nap. It happens to me every time I exer ...more

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