Treasure Hunter

How To : Find all the secret items in the game Trine

This video shows you how you can earn the Treasure Hunter Achievement for the game Trine by finding all the secret locations for the treasures. There are about two per level, and this video shows you how to get even the trickiest ones. Part 1 of 2 - How to Find all the secret ...more

News : Hack a metal detector from a calculator

Our good friend Kipkay is at it again! He has earned six figures from videos like HowTo Unlock Handcuffs and HowTo Make a Stink Pen Here he teams up with Howcast to deliver the ultimate treasure hunter's secret weapon: a metal detector. This homebrew hack combines the AM freq ...more

Backwards Geocaching : How to Make a Reverse Geocache Box

If you've never heard of geocaching, it's kind of a grown-up treasure hunt you play everywhere in the world. GPS coordinates are given as clues and the players must find the cache box. There is usually a log book to write your name and a small toy or present to collect. The l ...more

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