Trebuchet Work

How To : Make a fast and easy tennis ball trebuchet

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a fast and easy tennis ball trebuchet. This tool will throw tennis balls easily so you can hit them without having a partner around. This only needs a few pieces of wood and 2x4's along with dumbbells. There isn't a whole lot to this, it' ...more

How To : Beat the game Crush the Castles 2 with all Golds

Crush the Castle 2 is a trebuchet-based physics puzzler where the goal is to use the trebuchet to destroy the castles of your enemies. This video will walk you through each of the game's six world with all Golds. Tasselfoot has devoted much of his personal and professional li ...more

News : Medieval Castle Breach

Destroy the floating foam castle with a wee man projectile from a trebuchet. Or let the castle be defended with the rest of the guys while the catapult is destroying it with large amounts of cow pies

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