How To : Use a stripper deck for advanced tricks

In this second part of our series on stripper or taper decks of trick cards, learn more advanced tricks involving two and even four cards. Our expert reviews how to locate cards within the stripper deck, then demonstrates how you can take your card magic to the next level. Par ...more

How To : Perform the mind blowing trick "card text"

First of all you need to a set up deck. You need to learn about two things. First you need to learn about calculating the numerical value of the card and also work out the suit the card. First take out a card and lay it face up. This is 4 of clubs. The rule here is that next c ...more

How To : Perform the Biddle Trick card trick

How to Disturb Reality is here to teach you some magic card tricks that you can learn directly at home. This video will hopefully inspire you to become a great magician, so if you're here to just learn card tricks and not perform them, you're here for the wrong reason! With t ...more

How To : Use Svengali magic cards for pro tricks

With this series of card trick video clips, our expert magician Malik Haddadi wraps up his lessons for using the Svengali deck. By now you know enough about these trick cards to go public with your new set of skills. Part 1 of 15 - How to Use Svengali magic cards for pro trick ...more

How To : Perform the "worlds best ace trick" card trick

Need a little help with your magic card skills? Check out this video tutorial to learn how to perform the "worlds best ace trick" card trick. The art of magic and illusion is tricky, but nothing can't be done. Tricks are just tricks. See the "worlds best ace trick" card trick ...more

How To : Make Full Floral Paper Tricks Card

This card is totally gorgeous, it has a bit of everything and I can't say it is going to be a quick card but I can say it is a 'Humdinger!' and anyone who receives it will keep it forever.. The card has a paper folded quilt style background made from the Anna Griffin Paper Tri ...more

How To : Do the card in wallet trick

Are you a magician on a budget? Impressive feats of magic don't require an assistant to saw in half, or even a rabbit to pull out of a hat. You need only the slightest sleight-of-hand to perform this impressive magic staple. You Will Need *A deck of playing cards *Craft glue ...more

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