News : Beware of the Monster-Truck-Trike

Not exactly practical, but I certainly wouldn't turn down the chance to take this path-clearing monster for a spin. By YouTube Dutchman wautur. Previously, Half Ton Unicycle. Thrillbilly-Tricycle-Flip.

How To : Fly a powered paraglider trike

This video series is a must for anyone thinking of paragliding at all but especially powered paragliding. Our expert, Hugh Murphy, is the owner of his own para gliding company and he will walk you through every aspect of a powered paragliding trike from getting into the harnes ...more

News : Motorized Horizontal Death Trap

This bad boy has an 80cc motor and for added danger, you can ride it in a whole slew of different positions. Ride it like a luge, or a trike, or go ahead, lie on your stomach and put your face right next to the engine. The more reckless, the better. "This is the final version ...more

News : Super Mega Slip N' Slide!

So, you guys have had great fun on a slip and slide before, and since you have gone large with the Poo Cocktail Supreme, how about SUPER MEGA SLIP N' SLIDE!! The Idea is simple, Mega ramp, covered in plastic sheet, all oiled up. What could possibly go wrong? then invite eve ...more

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