How To : Play super fast triplet drum fills

Play super fast triplet drum fills using double strokes. The sticking for those alternating sticking triplets is: R(snare) L(snare) R(snare) L(rack tom) R(floor tom) L(floor tom) R(crash cymbal). Play super fast triplet drum fills. Click through to watch this video on unirunne ...more

How To : Play a triplet diddle on the snare drum

To play music, your hands should be able to do anything your mind asks of them – and rudimental technique is one great way of making sure that can happen. In this installment from his video tutorial series dedicated to rudimental techniques, Mark Wessels will teach you how to ...more

How To : Play bass drum triplets on the drumset

Vic Firth presents the 4th installment of the Drumset Lesson Series with Jeremy Hummel to learn how to play bass drum triplets. Try to give a right foot a workout. Once you get it going at a good speed, it can be really good. Watch this drum playing tutorial video and improve ...more

How To : Read dotted notes and triplets in music theory

Knowing music theory never hurt anyone—not Bach, not Chopin, not Schoenberg. Even if you fancy yourself a musical iconoclast, the better you know the rules of music, the better equipped you'll be to break them down the line. In this free video music theory lesson, you'll learn ...more

How To : Count 16th note triplets on the drums

In this video Drum Lesson, you will learn to count sixteenth note triplets. If you've already watched the video lesson on eighth note triplets - the basic "triplet" idea will already make sense to you.

How To : Read 16th note triplets

Focusing on the sixteenth note triplet, this drum lesson is designed to teach you to count, read and play the sixteenth note triplet. Get the beat sheet here:

How To : Count eighth note triplets on the drums

The video on this page explains how to count eighth note triplets. Unlike quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and thirty-second note sub-divisions that divide time in half - eighth note triplets actually divide quarter notes in three.

How To : Play Swiss army triplet drum rudiment

The swiss army triplet is a unique one-way rudiment that can be played in both right and left hand leads. Unlike most of the other rudiments, this rudiment isn't designed to alternate. As its name suggests this rudiment has a 'triplet' feel.

How To : Build a DIY 1080p HD projector

Projectors can be pretty pricey. 1080p projectors even worse. If that isn't reason enough for you to build your own, then what is? Systm shows you the complete, detailed process of building your own 1080p HD projector, so pay attention and take some notes! For this project, S ...more

How To : Play a shuffle on the drums

In this two-part installment from his video tutorial series (in which he covers everything from improving timekeeping to creativity and orchestrations in patterns and drum fills), Brian Ferguson demonstrates how to play a shuffle on the drum, an oft-overlooked triplet-based rh ...more

How To : Play double paradiddle drum rudiment

The double paradiddle is a fun rudiment that is based on the single paradiddle. It is a 12 note pattern that is often used in a 12/8 feel, or in beats and fills with a triplet feel. This triplet feel makes it perfect for Jazz, Latin and other world styles.

How To : Play flam accent drum rudiment

The flam accent is a powerful drum rudiment that uses the basic flam within a triplet feel. The pattern is great for creative drum fills and solo patterns within a wide variety of musical genres.

News : The Movable Type Rubik's Cube

Love this Rubik's Cube stamp with movable type Chinese characters by Shaun Chung. Chung laser-etched the characters from wood, and then adhered them to a regular Rubik's Cube to create verses from a traditional Chinese text. Chung says: "Chinese has a long history with the p ...more

News : Put Your Legs In Front Of Your Head

Whoa, these bygone era triplets are seriously flexible. "The Ross Sisters were a trio of female sibling dancers consisting of Aggie Ross, Elmira Ross, and Maggie Ross (whose real names were Vicki, Dixie and Betsy Ross). Their public attention peaked during the 1940s, during w ...more

How To : Do Backsticking with your drumsticks

This video will teach you how to backstick with your drumsticks whether you're playing on a drum kit or in the drum line at your high school. Backsticking is mainly triplets, and a valuable trick to learn for any drummer.

How To : Build riffs while playing progressive metal

This step-by-step video tutorial will have you building metal riffs in no time! Andrew Wasson of CreativeGuitarStudio has written a short two-part riff using the harmony from a popular scale out of the style called Phrygian dominant. For the riff, Andrew uses a series of open ...more

How To : Learn about swing versus straight eighth notes

Check out this instructional acoustic guitar video that provides a short lesson looking at quarter notes, straight eighth notes, swing eighth notes and eighth note triplets. Play quarter notes with the metronome. Metronomes are good for helping to play in time, learning to lis ...more

How To : Do advanced drumming techniques

In this advanced drumming video series, learn tips and techniques to improve your drum playing ability tenfold. Our expert will demonstrate single and double stroke techniques, how to play quads, how to do flams and paradiddles, how to play eighth note triplets, crossovers, ho ...more

How To : Count note values on the drums

This video lesson teaches Jared Falk's note value exercise. Basically, this exercise is designed to help you practice quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth note triplets, sixteenth notes, sixteenth note triplets, and 32nd notes around the drum kit - all at the same time.

How To : Music read & understanding the music staff

A step by step video tutorial by Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio that shows you how the music staff works. Have you ever had trouble reading a music staff? Not anymore! Andrew Wasson explains to you what a treble clef, key signature, and time signature are and how to u ...more

How To : Practice G7 arpeggio along with a jam track

Check out this instructional acoustic guitar video that shows you how to practice playing a 7th position G7 arpeggio along with a one chord jam track. To play, use the up and down as quarter, eighth, eighth note triplets and sixteenth notes at 106 bpm. Arpeggios should be a da ...more

How To : Count quarter notes

In this video lesson, you will learn how to count quarter notes within the 4/4 time signature. This will lay out a solid foundation for learning other sub-divisions of time, including: eighth notes, eighth note triplets, sixteenth notes, sixteenth note triplets, and thirty sec ...more

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