How To : Build a bicycle wheel

Building bicycle wheels is done in multiple steps, including placing the spokes, and truing the wheel. Learn how to build a bicycle wheel in this free video series. Part 1 of 13 - How to Build a bicycle wheel. Build a bicycle wheel - Part 2 of 13. Click through to watch this v ...more

How To : Build a bicycle wheel

This is a five part series on how to build a bicycle wheel. It will cover lacing and truing a wheel. There is nothing like crafting something with your bare hands, especially if that something is a bike wheel. There is something inherently rewarding and zen like about wheel bu ...more

How To : Properly true a wheel

If you're new to cycling and have no idea what truing is, then check out this tutorial. It's a procedure that is delicate and requires a good amount of time and patience. In order to do this you'll need a good stand, lighting, and a place where you'll enjoy working. This is a ...more

How To : True a bicycle wheel

Understand that you true a wheel by tightening and loosening spokes. You can true a wheel both laterally and radially. Assemble the proper tools. You will need a truing stand, a spoke wrench, and some light oil. Remove the tire to true the wheel laterally. Set your wheel in ...more

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