HowTo : Hack Together Your Own TSA Scanner

TSA agents are having a little too much fun, it's time for the rest of us to join in. More complicated (and more promising) than the see-thru video trick, Jeri Elsworth gives instructions for building your own hand-held TSA see-thru scanner with a $3 feed horn and some (admitt ...more

TSA : Useful or Useless?

Oh yeah, this is a big topic, at-least for me. All the frequent flyers will/should be interested in this topic. I'm sure all of you have heard at-least something about the TSA, and most of it should have been bad. Complaints, lawsuits and general disgust surround this organiza ...more

How To : Pack TSA approved beauty products for your trip

Security is tighter than ever in U.S. airports. From the recent instigation of the hotly debated full-body scans and pat-downs to the TSA limiting every ounce of body lotion you bring, it's hard to make it through the security gates without some major airport hate. Survive yo ...more

News : Filming TSA Is Terrorism

Video: . At 4:36 into the video, we hear this, "I"m an American," TSA agents response, "American nothing." There you have it folks, "American Nothing."

News : TSA Brags About Confiscating Can Of Chicken Soup

Anyone who follows the TSA blog, run by “Bob”, will know that from time to time the agency attempts to offset the ballooning negative public opinion directed towards it, and the openly criminal behaviour of its employees, by bragging about “dangerous” items that it has discove ...more

Safe-Cracking Made Stupid Easy : Just Use a Magnet

SentrySafe puts all sorts of measures in place to protect your valuables and important documents. This particular SentrySafe has an electronic lock, four 1-inch bolts to keep the door firmly in place, pry-resistant hinges, and it's able to withstand drops of up to 15 feet. Tha ...more

News : Rip a penny in half

Need a way to prove your strength? Only superheroes have the power to tear metal, right? Wrong! Even the weakest nerds can shred metal with science on their side. Ripping through metal is easier than it sounds.  We have yet to discover a HowTo on getting your muscles into su ...more

How To : Bypass airport security easily with your gadgets

In this how-to video you'll learn all the tricks and tips to getting yourself through airport security quickly and easily, even if you have electronic gadgets. Some companies produce travel gear that the TSA will let pass through without having to remove your laptop or electro ...more

How To : Scan your laptop at an airport

The TSA has placed new laptop bag procedures, shown in this how-to video, into effect. As expected, there have been a few folks who thought they could just leave their laptops in any old bag with cables and gadgets galore. The TSA expected some confusion and just like any new ...more

How To : Pack makeup and beauty products for a trip

If you're a beauty junkie then you probably hate traveling...at least the packing part of it. The TSA regulates every single item you bring down to the last ounce and piece of clothing, so often times you're limited to only bringing the smallest products you have. But you sti ...more

How To : Recognize Crowd Control - Part 3

For our final part of recognizing crowd control, we shall look at the mind. It's the most complicated thing in the universe, but also the most easily influenced. What makes us to gullible? What methods to commercials, companies and the media use to influence our position on th ...more

News : News Clips - June 22

Alright guys sorry for the delay, lets just get to it: » Pelosi Says Holder Contempt Charge About Suppressing Vote. Infowars.com the home of the #1 Internet News Show in the World. » TSA Wants To Spy On Employees’ Communications. Infowars.com the home of the #1 Internet News S ...more

News : News Clips - June 4

Water Purification Device Prompts TSA to Close Down Minneapolis Airport In another stupendous incident of comical over-reaction, the TSA ordered the evacuation of two airport terminals in Minneapolis after a water purification device was found in a woman’s luggage. Obama Mul ...more

News : News Clips - June 26

» ‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website. A political website that contained stinging criticism of the Obama administration and its handling of the Fast and Furious scandal was ordered to be shut down by the Obama campaign’s ‘Truth Team’. » Former Bush Attorney ...more

News : News Clips - July 10

» Video Blogger Documents Expanding TSA expansion. The TSA is continuing its expansion from airports to train stations and other modes of transportation. On Monday, an independent journalist posted a video documenting TSA agents setting up shop at Union Station in Chicago. Oba ...more

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