Tune a Drum

How To : Tune a drum head on a drum set

Tune a drum? It's possible! Every drummer has a specific way they want their drum set to sound. And the way a drum sounds depends on how the drum head has been adjusted. This video demonstrates how to tune your drum and make it sound exactly the way you want it. Part 1 of 2 - ...more

How To : Choose the right drum heads and tune your drum set

Getting the right sound from your drum set is important for any drummer. This video shows you how to choose the right head for the sound you want to get from your drum set and attach them to the drum. You're also shown how to tune your drum set to get the sound precisely how y ...more

How To : Tune drum sets

Every serious drummer should watch these free videos. They will teach you how to tune all your drums to themselves and to eachother. Part 1 of 15 - How to Tune drum sets. Tune drum sets - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Tune drum sets - Par ...more

How To : Tune a snare drum easily

Learn how to tune a snare drum with Free Drum Lessons easy step-by-step guide. Free Drum Lessons is your #1 source of all your drum tuning needs. If you are struggling to tune your drums then this drum tuning video is perfect for you! Part 1 of 2 - How to Tune a snare drum eas ...more

How To : Tune a tom tom drum

Like every other instrument, drums need to be properly tuned in order to get a great tone. In this 3 part how to video,"Sarge" shows you how to do the initial tuning on a tom tom drum. Follow the steps in this tutorial and soon your drum will sound like a pro's. Part 1 of 3 - ...more

How To : Tune an Indian tabla drum

The tabla is a popular Indian drum used in the classical, popular and religious music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. This how to video teaches you to tune a tabla. Watch this tutorial and you will be playing and tuning an Indian tabla drum in no ...more

How To : Tune a concert bass drum

Tom Gauger has played percussion with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops Orchestras for over 35 years and has also served on the faculty at Boston University and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. In this installment from his series of video lessons dedicated to brea ...more

How To : Tune a kick drum in FL Studio 9

In this clip, learn how to tune your kick drum using FL Studio 9 on your computer. You will learn how to tune your kicks and make them sound better when played melodically. So, check out this tutorial and try it out on your own version of Studio to start making beautiful music ...more

How To : Tune a Djembe African hand drum properly

Understand the concept of tuning a rope djembe. The proper sound is achieved with minimum effort for maximum effect. The key is to either focus or disperse the hand's energy, and position the hand in the correct place. The bass and tone notes require focused energy (a beginne ...more

How To : Tune the snare drum

Whether you're a first day beginner or have been playing the drums for several years, learning the fundamentals of technique, rudiments and music reading is very important. In this installment from his video tutorial series on the fundamentals of snare drumming, Mark Wessels w ...more

How To : Tune a Djembe African hand drum

Step by step guide for tuning a traditional rope djembe. Instructed by X8 Drum's Raphael Torn. A djembe is also known as djimbe, jenbe, jymbe, jembe, yembe, or jimbay, or sanbanyi in Susu; is a skin covered hand drum, shaped like a large goblet, and meant to be played with ba ...more

News : Tips on recording a kick drum

There are a lot of important things to keep in mind when you’re recording a kick drum. It seems like it’d be as simple as putting a mic in front of the drum, but there is so much more! Here are some quick tips on recording and mixing a good kick drum. Microphone – a good mic ...more

How To : Tune up the rear brakes on a Saturn S-Series car

One day, your car may break down and you won't be able to afford to hire a mechanic, so what do you do... you look on the web for some how-to vehicle repair videos and become your own car mechanic, that's what. You don't need any advanced training to perform repairs and simple ...more

How To : Read drum tabs for beginners

In this tutorial, learn how to read drum tabs or notation with help from music instructor, Radley Fricker. When you start playing percussion, you will need to know how to read tabs in order to get the songs right. So, have a look at this tutorial and learn how to stay in tune. ...more

How To : Play electric guitar blues like Stevie Ray Vaughn

If you're a musician in need of some lessons, there's no better way to learn than with MusicRadar's so-called "Tuition" instructions. Although the title tuition is misleading, this video class is anything but costly, because it's free, right here. Whether you're looking for he ...more

How To : Play "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin on the drums

In this two-part video tutorial series, DRUM! Magazine music editor Wally Schnalle demonstrates how to play "The Ocean" by the Led Zeppelin on the drums. While this tutorial is geared towards intermediate drum players, drummers of all skill levels can play along. Take a look a ...more

How To : Play a shuffle on the drums

In this two-part installment from his video tutorial series (in which he covers everything from improving timekeeping to creativity and orchestrations in patterns and drum fills), Brian Ferguson demonstrates how to play a shuffle on the drum, an oft-overlooked triplet-based rh ...more

How To : Tune the timbales

Take heart, aspiring timbaleros and timbaleras. Eguie Castrillo, having played with everyone from Tito Puente to Steve Winwood, is one of the world's most prolific timbale artists. In this installment of his video tutorial series on the fundamentals of timbale playing, Eguie w ...more

How To : Mix drum and bass as a DJ

So you have a drum and bass tune with no beat at the beginning. So how can you mix this into another toon when you have no beat? Well watch the video.

How To : Create a trance production

Check out this instructional DJ video to learn how to create a basic trance production track. Learn a few techniques to put a few tracks together. Start with the piano to establish the core sequence before inputting the drum, bass, and the tune. Watch this tutorial video and l ...more

How To : Make Dirty South drums in FL Studio

In this tutorial, we learn how to make Dirty South drums in FL Studio. First, you need to get the samples from the 808 drum kit. After you have these, you will load up the tempo, going no lower than 1.5 and doing 16 bars. Then, play the drum sounds until you find some that you ...more

How To : Get started playing the banjo again

A bit rusty on the banjo? This video lesson from the BCC will get you going again. If your banjo hasn't been played for some time it's possible the vellum might need replacing - this is the skin, like the head on a drum, which is stretched over the banjo's circular sound body ...more

News : Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick”

Time to welcome back that wacky David Guetta! He's back on the scene (if you can say he actually left) with his first release from his Crimbo Cash-In album, a re-issue of the very successful 'One Love', innovatively titled 'One More Love'. Usually, when things go dark and sli ...more

How To : Play "A Child Is Born" by Thad Jones on the piano

Want to learn how to improvise and play jazz piano? Well first you have to learn from the jazz greats of yesteryear. This lesson teaches you how to play "A Child is Born," written by the great trumpet player Thad Jones, on piano. The most moving recording of this song is on th ...more

How To : Play the conga drums

In this video series, learn how to play the conga. Our expert, Ryan Larson, teaches you everything you need to know to begin your conga playing. Learn how to tune and set up congas. Also, learn how to strike, slap, and mute a conga drum. Part 1 of 14 - How to Play the conga dr ...more

News : The Tree as Stradivarius

According to Wikipedia, to be called "the Stradivari" of any field is to be deemed the finest there is... "A Stradivarius is a stringed instrument built by members of the Stradivari family, particularly Antonio Stradivari. According to their reputation, the quality of their s ...more

News : Magic Leap One Launch Date Set for 8/8/2018

After a series of hints revealed by CEO Rony Abovitz via Twitter, Magic Leap looks like it is ready to launch Magic Leap One on Thursday at 8:08 a.m. ET. Rony Aboviz changed his twitter profile's header to this launching whales image at 8:08pm on 8/7/2018. One day before laun ...more

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