Tune Your Guitar Into Drop

How To : Tune to a drop D tuning on an electric guitar

This video describes the process of tuning the E string on a guitar down to D. The presenter explains this is a great effect for heavy metal and hard rock and makes playing power chords much easier. The method is to listen to the open D string on the guitar and then tune the E ...more

How To : Tune a Guitar to Drop D in 10 Seconds!

Hey everyone! This is a video tutorial for how to tune your guitar to Drop D in 10 seconds or less! Many guitarists, especially beginners ones, cringe at the idea of taking the time to tune their guitar out of standard. I know, because I was one of them! This tutorial will hel ...more

How To : Drop D tune a bass

This is a tutorial video on how to play bass, brought to you by How to Play Bass, hosted by Paul Wolf. In this lesson Paul teaches you how to tune your bass guitar down to what is called "Drop D" tuning. Follow along with him, as Paul demonstrates how to achieve this tuning by ...more

How To : Tune your guitar, for beginners

This video shows you how to tune your guitar, for beginners. A step by step video tutorial for beginner guitar players that will teach you everything you need to know to tune your guitar properly. Andrew Wasson responds to viewers request to make a video for beginners that wil ...more

How To : Tune a guitar for guitar playing beginners

This video is seriously as basic as it gets. Take a gander to learn how to tune a guitar quickly and with ease. While you can use a piano or a guitar tuner to tune your guitar, this method, which involves only your guitar strings, is much faster and you can do it on the go. I ...more

How To : Train your ear and tune your guitar better

In this tutorial, we learn how to train your ear and tune your guitar better with David Yeager. Before you begin, you want to be able to hear what you are tuning to and listen to what you are playing. This is the key in order to train your ear and enhance your ability. Even if ...more

How To : Easily tune a guitar without using a guitar tuner

Sometimes you need to tune your guitar to another instrument, or you'll need to tune it when you don't have an electronic tuner handy. This video shows you how to do that. Start with the A string, and make sure that's in tune with the other instrument. Put your finger on the f ...more

How To : Drop a tune and fade out on a track

Wonder how to become a great DJ? To be a good DJ you need to understand the concepts of mixing tracks, adding cool effects, and of course you need a good sense of rhythm to line up the beats. This how to video explains how you can drop a track in and fading one out. Remember y ...more

How To : Tune a guitar by ear

An out-of-tune guitar can grate like nails on a chalkboard or a cat in heat, so know how to keep yours humming. Here we show you how to tune a guitar by ear.

How To : Tune a guitar without a tuner using harmonics

Say you are out & about and, oops, you forgot your guitar tuner. No problem. Use this technique to tune your guitar by harmonics. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use natural harmonics to tune a guitar relative to itself, and to get started using this tuning te ...more

How To : Tune your guitar to standard tuning

An untuned guitar can be huge setback for a lot of players. Get your guitar in tune and get that song sounding right with help from this tutorial on how to tune your guitar to standard tuning.

How To : Tune your guitar with the 5th fret rule

The ability to tune a guitar is a skill every guitar player should possess. With this tutorial, learn how to properly tune a guitar either using a digital tuner or by using the fifth fret rule. Though a digital tuner is by far a more convenient option, certain situations my re ...more

How To : Tune your guitar down a half step the right way

There are few projects that are so simple, and so immediately rewarding, as learning to play a favorite song on the guitar. Not only is it a wonderful way to pass the time but, by learning to play your favorite songs and riffs, you'll be better able to articulate (and otherwis ...more

How To : Use a digital tuner to tune your guitar

Guitars will need to be tuned continuously to ensure that it is tuned for the correct scale and notes so your music makes sounds the way you intend. If you haven’t been playing forever, you will probably need the assistance of an electric tuner to find the note. This video wil ...more

How To : Tune a guitar with the help of an online tuner

In this how-to video, you will learn how to tune a guitar with the help of an online tuner. You will need a guitar. Listen to the low e string note being played and tune your guitar's low e to that tuning. Listen to the a note being played and tune the a string accordingly. Li ...more

How To : Tune a Guitar

The daily-problem of guitarists is very simple. It is to 'tune a guitar'. This post is for the most of the beginners who want to but couldn't tune their guitar. Here is a very short and easy process to tune a guitar. In this process ,the most important part is your listening ...more

How To : Properly tune your acoustic guitar

Grab an acoustic guitar and warm up as Charles Sedlak shows you how to properly tune your instrument. You'll be able to tune your guitar like a pro with these specific instructions.

How To : Tune an acoustic guitar accurately

Learn how to tune your guitar using a Korg tuning box. To accurately tune your guitar, you will first need to locate a correctly tuned instrument to provide a reference note. A piano or electric keyboard will work if one is available. (You have to know the names of the keys to ...more

How To : Tune your acoustic guitar using a U.S. phone

If you have a natural ear for music and have perfect pitch, then tuning any sort of instrument, including the guitar, is probably not a problem for you. But for the rest of us, a piano or a pitch finder is necessary to make sure our guitars are in tune. But what if you're tra ...more

How To : Tune an acoustic guitar

Before you can play your acoustic guitar, you'll need to know how to get it in tune. Don't know how? Not a problem. This free video guitar lesson will walk you through the process. For more information, including step-by-step instructions, and to get started tuning your own E, ...more

How To : Restring & Tune an Electric Guitar

Hello again, faithful readers. For today's lesson, we will be learning the correct way to restring and tune an electric guitar. I almost wasn't going to post this because it is so basic. But, as with many basic tasks, there are a lot of people who know how to do it, but can't ...more

How To : Tune up your bass guitar with Dale Titus

In this how-to video, you will learn how to tune your bass. This is important, as weather can affect your tuning. Every time you pick up your bass, you should tune it. First, start with the low E string. You will need to listen to a reference E note to tune this string. A tune ...more

How To : Tune your ukulele or guitar using Windows Mobile

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tune their ukulele or guitar with a Windows mobile. Begin by going to the link in the video description and download the Audio Tuner Mobile program. Connect the mobile your PC and install the Audio Tuner program. Open the Audio Tune ...more

How To : Tune your ukulele or guitar using your computer

Have you ever thought of tuning your ukulele or guitar with your personal computer? Why not? One of the advantages is greater accuracy. Don't fiddle around too much with the instrument - just select the correct notes, and you're well on your way to a finely tuned ukulele or gu ...more

How To : Tune an electric or acoustic guitar by listening

For a guitar to sound good, it must be in tune. Tuning a guitar can easily be done with some PC software or an electric tuner. Using an electric tuner is easy. You need to know the strings names, which are, starting with the thickest: E, A, G, D, B, E. Once you memorize these, ...more

How To : Play "Check Yes Juliet" by We the Kings on guitar

In this video guitar lesson, from FreeandEasyGuitar.com, host Aaron teaches you to play the song "Check Yes Juliet" by We the Kings. In this lesson you will learn how to tune your guitar to "Drop D", so that you will be in tune to play this song. He begins the lesson, by break ...more

How To : Play Paramore's "Pressure" on acoustic guitar

In this tutorial, we learn how to play Paramore's "Pressure" on acoustic guitar. First, you will need to tune your guitar using drop D tuning. After this, listen to the song to get a feel for how it sounds as you play, and where the chords change. After this, learn the differe ...more

How To : Use two capos on the guitar

Brad Davis explains why he sometimes uses two capos on a guitar. The effect is similar to that of using a drop tuning on the B string. The technique and effect are discussed in detail. He then performs an original tune (demonstrating the use of two capos), "Love You Don't Know".

How To : Play the "Bow-Chikka-Wow-Wow" riff on the guitar

In this how to video you will learn to play the infamous "bow-chikka-wow-wow" riff and use it in your every day life! This riff is tuned in drop D tuning. If you want to play the riff without tuning to drop D, just move everything up 2 frets (a whole step). This lesson is for ...more

How To : Play "Hanging By a Moment" by Lifehouse on guitar

In this video acoustic guitar lesson, brought to you by http://www.Free and Easy Guitar host Aaron will teach you how to play "Hanging By a Moment" by Lifehouse. To begin, you will have to tune your guitar down a half step in Drop D, which he demonstrates for you. As you follo ...more

How To : Play "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park on guitar

Learn how to play "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: TUning: Drop D Intro/Verse: e|9-99----9---9-99-7--7-77--77775555-| b|-7--7777-777-7----77-7--7-----7777-| g|---------------------------- ...more

How To : Tune a ukulele without a tuner

Brian Padilla from Hilo Guitars demonstrates how to tune a ukulele without a tuner. To tune a ukulele without a tuner, first pluck the G string and compare it to the seventh fret of the C string and match the pitch. On the same C string drop down to the fourth fret and match t ...more

How To : Buy An Electric Guitar

Choosing the right axe for you There are many choices and factors when it comes to buying a new electric guitar. Price, style, quality and comfort are major players. Many new guitarists start off with a box set, one that includes a guitar, amp and cable. These are good for t ...more

How To : Buy an Electric Guitar

Choosing the right axe for you There are many choices and factors when it comes to buying a new electric guitar. Price, style, quality and comfort are major players. Many new guitarists start off with a box set, one that includes a guitar, amp and cable. These are good for t ...more

How To : Set up the intonation on your guitar at home

As a guitar player one thing that you may find yourself running into is your guitar, over time, will start to lose its intonation, especially if you never set it up after you purchased it. You could take it to a tech to have him set it up and fix it for you, but that's expensi ...more

How To : Adjust an electric guitar's intonation and action

First off, if you're new to electric guitars, here are some handy dandy definitions for you before you watch this video: 1. Action is how your frets feel when you press down on them with your finger. Finely tuned and taut strings will not be too sharp or too flat when played. ...more

How To : Set your guitar's intonation

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to set a guitar's intonation. Studying the intonation of the guitar is making sure the guitar is in tune. To check intonation, it is recommended to use a guitar tuner. The video provides step-by-step instructions for viewers to properl ...more

How To : Put new strings on an electric guitar

Learn with this informative video how to put new strings on an electric guitar. The best kind of strings to put on an electric guitar are Ernie Ball Coated Slinky strings. The first thing you want to do is release the tension in the string. You do this by loosening up the tuni ...more

How To : Play electric guitar blues like Stevie Ray Vaughn

If you're a musician in need of some lessons, there's no better way to learn than with MusicRadar's so-called "Tuition" instructions. Although the title tuition is misleading, this video class is anything but costly, because it's free, right here. Whether you're looking for he ...more

How To : Play "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse on acoustic guitar

Your Guitar Sage provides the viewer with a good way to learn how to play an Amy Winehouse tune on an acoustic guitar. Amy Winehouse's song, Rehab has a few open chords and bar chords to be mastered. The videos demonstrates how to play the piece through first and then takes th ...more

How To : String An Electric Guitar

A First Timer's Guide When some new guitarists break their first string they stash it in the closet and forget about it. Me, I put the sweaty axe back in its case and asked my parents to take me to the local music store. After a morning full of senseless racket emanating from ...more

How To : Play "Little Drummer Boy" on guitar this Christmas

Learn to play "Little Drummer Boy" on guitar for Christmas by following along with this upbeat and lively instructional video of the classic holiday tune. Erich from Your Guitar Sage shows the chords, simplified strumming technique and basic style for properly playing the song.

How To : Play Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen"

Are you a fan of Robert Johnson? If you are, you probably have a guitar, so grab it and learn this Robert Johnson tune. See how to play "Come On In My Kitchen" on your electric blues guitar. "Come On In My Kitchen" is a 10-bar blues progression in the key of G. The original s ...more

How To : Mic a guitar

Check out this instructional recording video that shows you how to mic a guitar. This installment focuses on guitar recording techniques, covering the basics of acoustic and electric guitar recording and some of the options you as an engineer have after the recording is done. ...more

How To : Play Coldplay "The Scientist" on acoustic guitar

Learn to play Colplay's "The Scientist," a great tune that uses an unusual tuning (in 4ths). It uses chords like power chords and barre chords, but they are easier to play. This is great for a beginner trying to stretch into intermediate material. Chords are taught in detail b ...more

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