Turkey Brine

How To : Easily cook a turkey using a simple turkey brine

In this tutorial, we learn how to easily cook a turkey using a simple turkey brine. First, grab a large plastic bucket that is clean, and add in water until it's halfway full. Add in pepper, bay leaves, dried thyme, peppercorns, and parsley to this brine. Use a large spoon to ...more

How To : Brine turkey & chicken

Looking to brine a turkey and/or chicken? You've come to the right place. From Betty Crocker, another wonderful tutorial on how to brine a turkey or chicken. Learn from Catherine McCord of weelicious.com about her favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipe and from Lori Eaton from th ...more

How To : Cook a delicious turkey with brine

In this video, we learn how to cook a delicious turkey with brine. A brine is a saline solution that will bring out the natural flavors of the turkey. The brine insulates all the moisture so the turkey comes out more moist than ever. For the brine, start out with peppercorn, t ...more

How To : Smoke & brine a turkey

In order to make Smoked Turkey, begin by brining it. Allow the turkey to soak in a brine. An ice chest can be used to brine the turkey. The brine is of your choosing. Season it with your preferred seasonings. Prepare your smoker. Use hickory wood chips. Light it. When the smo ...more

How To : Brine a turkey like a professional chef

In this Thanksgiving Day guide, we learn how to brine a turkey to add flavor and lock in moisture. This free video cooking lesson provides instructions on how to prepare both traditional and "kicked-up" brines. For all of the details, take a look.

How To : Brine a holiday turkey

This video is about brining a turkey. 1. Start with dry ingredients - black pepper, garlic powder, brown sugar and kosher salt. 2. Take a whisk and mix it up in the bucker. 3. Add wet ingredients - molasses, honey and apple juice. Mix and form a paste. 4. Add 2 gallons of ...more

How To : Brine & cook a turkey in the oven

Cooking that big Thanksgiving bird doesn't have to be daunting. Check out this tutorial and learn how to brine and cool your turkey in the oven and cut down on the cooking time. No holiday is complete without turkey and by watching this video you will be able to make your own. ...more

How To : Make an herb roasted turkey with buttermilk brine

Do you like herb roasted turkey? Well, this video is a step-by-step guide on how to make an herb roasted turkey. In just 6 minutes, the viewers will be exposed to a simple and yet delicious recipe on how to make herb roasted turkey. The steps are relatively simple and do not r ...more

How To : Cook a simple and delicious turkey

For great turkey recipes, turn to chef Jason Hill, who shows you how to cook a turkey easily and without fuss, using a simple turkey brine. Also in this roast turkey video are turkey tips for your next big holiday meal and turkey cooking times. The ingredients are a whole turk ...more

How To : Make an apple cider brine

Learn how to make a great apple cider brine to flavor your pork, turkey, or chicken with this cooking video. This apple cider brine recipe is brought to you by JJ Gonson on How2Heroes. Search How2Heroes on WonderHowTo for more cooking videos. If you think brine is just salty ...more

How To : Easily brine a chicken

This video will show you the ingredients, gear and process you will need to do to brine a turkey or chicken. Brine is vegetable stock or broth, salt and brown sugar. You can add whatever other spices you would like to season your meat. First, determine how much water you'll n ...more

How To : Brine pork and poultry with the Food Network

Today we learn how to brine pork and poultry with the Food Network. You only need to have salt and water to make your brine for your pork. First you need to grind up your salt into a fine powder, which will make dissolving easier. Now dissolve your salt into your water. Comple ...more

How To : Give Your Food a Bath or a Rubdown for More Flavor

Brining is magic. All you have to do is make a mild saline solution, toss in your protein of choice, let it soak, and cook. You end up with incredibly tender, flavorful meat or tofu for very little effort. So why aren't more of us doing it? Pork chops soaking in a brine of sug ...more

How To : Make Homemade Jerky Without a Dehydrator

Jerky is one of the tastiest snacks in existence. It's packed with richness, saltiness, and spiciness, and it's one of those things that you can't stop eating once you start. It's also fairly expensive, unless you're opting for the gas station variety which is… er… jerky in th ...more

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