How To : Sew a dirndl style Austrian or German skirt

The dirndl skirt is cut straight and gathered at the waist, and is a traditional style of German or Austrian skirts. Due to the cut and the flare, it's an ideal skirt for Lolita style costumes, and this tutorail shows you how to sew a dirndl without a pattern. If you liked th ...more

How To : Remove hubcaps from a VW Beetle Volkswagen Bug

In this automotive restoration tutorail Chris teaches you the proper way to take off your hubcaps for your vintage VW Beetle. So if you need to work on your wheels check out this video and learn how to remove the hubcaps properly without damage on your classic Volkswagen Bug. ...more

How To : Model with the NURBS tools in MAXON Cinema 4D

This tutorail presents an overview of C4D's various NURBS modeling features (including Hyper NURBS, Extrude NURBS, Lathe NURBS, Loft NURBS, Sweep NURBS and the Bezier NURBS tools). Whether you're new to MAXON's popular 3D modeling application or are just looking to get better ...more

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